Monday, May 7, 2012


Tomorrow is the big day..I haven't start packing my bags..."amazing",right??...OMG!!the customer haven't take his spectacles!!!Argh!!!!!hopefully he collect it tomorrow :P...I have to wait for another hour and a half to get off work... :O I wish the time moves faster because the spectacles is not been collected yet...Today,I've been very aware for the customer because I don't know how exactly he looks like but I know he's Indian.So,every times an Indian walked by or park   a car,I would be very nervous,my hands will start sweating....I really hope that h would collect it tomorrow and the time moves faster right now...I'm at home at last.. :)..Packing bags for tomorrow's vacation!!!...

Woke up at 6 a.m...Getting ready to go to Cameron Highlands.. :)..Arrived at our apartment at about 3 p.m. because it was jammed crazily...Right after our meal,we walked around the places,took a few pictures and headed back to our apartment...At night,we went to the night market about 5 km from where we stay..but the jammed was horrible...Had fun buying souvenirs for A and S and myself..hahahaha...Then,we headed back and sleep.. :)..BTW,this is place is cold especially at night...but for me,it's not too cold... :P

Woke up at 6...Took a bath with warm water(if not,I would die freezing)..Walked around our apartment with my sister and my nephew...There was a dog and he(I think)barked at us...After we took our breakfast,we went to the tea farm.The route to the place was creepy because it's small and on a hill...imagine that(I'm not gonna go there again)..but the farm was amazing,it's so pretty and windy...I drank Camomile tea(my first time)with strawberry cake(freaking delicious).Then,we went to the strawberry farm,well it's not really a farm because we can't pluck it our self (wrong place)...We(me and my family)ate strawberry ice-cream there,so great(the ice-cream)...After that,we bought some souvenirs again..Then finally,we headed home...but before that,we bought a lot of chocolate at a factory(I think)..Awesome!!!!..Then,we headed straight home...We arrived at about 10 pm...This is the most awesome vacation ever!!!!!

Here are some pictures...