Saturday, June 16, 2018


Hey everyone!


I know I was so horrible for not posting anything for like months....I think?

But here I am again in this glorious day.

It’s Eid Fitri!!!

*screaming in excitement*

And, guess who just had his birthday last week?


I would like to say thank you for all who wished for my birthday. Really appreciate it!
Anyway, back to present day.

I’m actually not trying to be all melodramatic and stuff, though I know the title kinda does. I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that this year is the first celebration of Eid Fitri without my dad. To be honest, I’m quite surprised how strong  I was today, actually I’m not really surprise but I am surprised that all of us were strong today, none of us show our sadness and mourning in front of our relatives.

Though I have to say that last year, during the celebration of Eid Adha, I did cry but not in public. I cried while I was trying to wear my samping (Google it, you’ll know what it is) because my dad was always the one who helped me, every time.

Long story short, today had been a happy day.We went to the cemetery right after the Eid prayer. And then we went to our relatives’ houses and ate a bunch of food. BTW, I was wearing a beautiful dark blue colored clothes today and looking fabulous....haha...

So, that’s all I wanna share with you all this week because my cousin’s are coming to our house right now, so I have to help my sisters.

Hope you all had and will have a great celebration and holiday!


This week I wanna know how’s your Eid Fitri celebration? How many money did you collect? Any special food that you ate today? Share here your family tradition or if you are not in Malaysia, let me know how’s the celebration at your country?

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Love Always,

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