Saturday, July 21, 2012

MY DIARY (116)

OMG!I totally forgot,yesterday was actually my 1st anniversary of working here,at this shop.I can't believe I forgot that..."amazing"...BTW,tomorrow would be 1st of Ramadan or we usually call fasting month,where we don't eat or drink from sunrise to sunset everyday for the whole month... :).I know it sounds exhausting but it's to remind us of the time of our prophet Muhammad,where they were at war and they were fasting too.Besides that,it's good for our body because it's kind of a diet too,you know..LOL..and also it will remind us of those who less fortunate and those who starve because there's not enough food and,I'm kinda excited  to start fasting tomorrow.. :) and this would also be my second time fasting in this shop... :P..I'm gonna tell you guys something,something I never told anyone before.Sometimes when I saw a good looking guy,I would feel jealous and then that feelings turn to being angry because I could never be like them and later on,I would feel pathetic of myself for not accepting the fact that I will never be a better looking guy...but the thing is,it will happen again when I see a good looking guy..pretty sad,isn't it??