Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In about a week,I'm gonna do my final exam.. :O..that means I'm not gonna be in my hostel too often..(that's a good news)...but I'm quite nervous to face the final...wish me luck!...BTW,lately I did or said a few things that I wish I didn't do or say because it was either annoying or was embarrassing... O.o ...I hope people won't remember it so that I could change...I'm at home right now but I'll going back to college tomorrow..."great"..

Yesterday I did something embarrassing and irritating...God,I don't know why I did that..I was kinda lose control...I don't know if I told you guys before but 3 of my girl friends borrowed my English novels about a month or 2 ago,including K and today I asked for them back since they didn't read it so much because they said they don't really understand (own,please)...I'm kinda disappointed with them because I thought they are interested to read...The thing is,I don't really know why but I was kinda more angry at K..I don't know,maybe because she was the one who was excited to borrow my novel,so I gave her 'Eragon',hope that we could share it the story...but I guess not...maybe that's why I was extra mad at her...but I feel kinda guilty too..maybe I'll apologize to her later....I'm on my way home right now...haha....I have apologized to her and she was sorry too....we're ok again... :)