Saturday, October 5, 2013


Today,something of our lecturer was pissed-off with us,I don't wanna tell you exactly why because it's a long story but I can tell you that this is not the first time and this is the worst ever...but it's not really my fault...I feel so horrible....I called K and talked to her about it and honestly,I was so sad,I kinda,sorta..cried in front of her,but not like a baby,more like a teenage boy's cry...I feel quite embarrassed..haha...but luckily she was there to accompany me...but,I feel kinda different after we talked together,I don't know what it is but it's surely not love...just that I feel more comfortable to be open to her......That's all right now,I really hope everything will be ok...

Today,me and my classmates,we went to meet our lecturer and tried to talk it over and apologize...she forgives us but she still refused to teach us...too bad.....I got a text message from my lecturer a couple of hours later and she said she wants to continue teaching us,she also mentioned that she changed her mind because she met my dad on the academic day and saw that my dad loves me,so she don't want me to break his heart and she also said that I already make her proud and she knew that it's not my fault.....I feel so relief....Even though it's ok now,but I still hope that everything will get better.....