Saturday, January 11, 2014


My dad has been in the hospital for about 2 days and on Sunday he'll do an operation to help him walk again but not straight away,of course,but actually the operation is not 100 percent confirm to do it this weekend since there might be some factors that cause it to delay...I went to my college yesterday and registered for my thirs semester...I was kinda tired because I was at the hospital the before until yesterday morning...I told my mentor which is also a lecturer,that I might have to skipped my classes next weekend because my dad is about to do a surgery and I need to take care of him afterward,so she said I can do that but I need to write a formal letter and a written document or something as a prove that my dad is under a surgery...but that's not so important,the most important thing is that I hope my dad is gonna be alright..

Sometimes I wish that I have someone who is an optimistic and have a strong faith..because I'm not that kind of person and honestly,it's hard to find someone like in my situation,though I don't really show it but actually,I'm pretty worry about my dad and this surgery thing,I wish I have someone who would say,"Don't worry,your dad is gonna be fine.He's gonna go through the surgery and he's gonna be healthy again and start walking again.You worried for nothing," something like that and in a very convincing way,like they actually believe in what they just it would somehow makes me feel better...but I guess that's really hard to find...BTW,A and S already knew about my dad,so are some of my college friends...Tonight,I am taking care of my dad again with my eldest brother because it's been like 2 nights I didn't do it since I had a slight of fever 2 days ago but I'm better now...