Monday, August 6, 2012

MY DIARY (123)

Today is the day you all.... :O...I'm hoping for the best...I already told my dad,he supported my decision but he asked why...though it was hard,I managed to explain to him my situation and he understood(I think).It's hard for me to explain the problem that I have with baldy.I couldn't just say he's evil because his just not that evil,annoying?maybe.So it's quite hard but I know my dad understand,that's why he agreed....I told my sisters about a few arguments between me and baldy,so they can imagine my problem now...One last thing to do,give baldy the letter...I really hope everything went well...Did I tell you guys what reason I'm about to give to baldy?I think I haven't,so the reason is that I got accepted to a college...hopefully he believe me...It's about 2 hours before I went home,that means I have to wait for another 2 hours before I could give the letter to baldy....