Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wow!!There's a lot of customers this morning.I started working an hour early today.I feel so exhausted.I drank a lot of water.Thank God now I'm free,no more customers.Even though it's exhausting,it's kinda awesome too..but for sometimes... :) BTW,I fun yesterday.Had dinner with my sisters...Ok,I'm gonna continue reading 'Brisingr'...It was raining outside heavily just now but for a while.Now,it's stopped..I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 286... :) Good news,I'm off tomorrow!Yea!!



Luckily my sister didn't bring the laptop to Perlis...that's why I could online and update my blog yesterday... :) ...I have a surprise,I bring 'Brisingr' to work today but I haven't read it.I'm kinda scared because I don't know if this is a good idea or not...but if I get totally boring,I'll read it...After my break,I got so bored,so...I read 'Brisingr'.I'm kinda worried(you know why)but actually,I feel kinda happy too...:) BTW,tonight,'Lord of The Ring:The Two Towers' will be play on tv!can't wait to watch it...:P I stopped at page 224... :)

Funny story yesterday...I did watched 'Lord of The Ring' but just half of it..LOL..I got so sleepy yesterday and it was already midnight.So I went to sleep and didn't finish watching 'Lord of The Ring'.... :) ...A asked me out for a movie first I agreed but when I think about it again,i decided not to go because there's no guys at my house tonight,so I need to stay home and "guard" our house.I'm man of the house now and I don't want my dad to be worry that I'm ouside and my sisters at home ny themself and unprotected because you know,women needs men to protect them...hahahaha..just kidding...but yeah,I need to protect my family,they're all I've got....I texted A and told him that I couldn't go out tonight but he haven't reply..I don't know if he get my text or maybe he's upset...but I'm sure he's not mad,he's kinda understanding sometimes....I called him just now.He didn't reply because he was in the middle of something.So,I told him that I couldn't go,he's ok with it.He said he might not go anyway because he need a rest after 2 weeks of non-stop studying.So,problem solved.... :)....I'm gonna go out for dinner tonight with my 2 sisters....I stopped reading 'Brisingr' at page 260...I haven't been using my own picture for such a long time.The problem is,I don't which picture to use.Most of it I look it's kinda hard...but don't worry,I will use my own picture again someday...