Friday, August 24, 2012

MY DIARY (130)

Yesterday,my open house went well,though it was awkward,awkward as hell because I haven't seen them for quite a long time and before we went to my house,we had to go to 2 other houses and they were talking about studies and stuff,so I just kept quite at both houses until at my house  but still I didn't talk so much.I sucks at being host of a party.Maybe because I was too shy I guess...but also I kinda hate myself yesterday because I was sort of being who I was in high school,which is I hope I'll never be again.I never told you all about this but when I was younger,I was kinda like a sissy lala,though not on purpose,I hate who I was,that's why I want to change and I thought I have but I was wrong.I wish I could turn back time and not act as I was yesterday..BTW,S wasn't at my open house because he went to his relative's house but we(the 3 of us) went out yesterday night and watched a movie,'The Bourne Legacy',that movie is awesome!..but I'm not gonna write  a review,sorry guys.. :P..I'm at work right now...