Tuesday, July 8, 2014


After thinking about it over the weekend,I finally made a decision to go to class by a taxi on my own,so that I could go to college whenever I want.You see,what exactly happened that cause me to make this decision,is because of what one of my housemate/classmate said the last week..the situation is that we didn't go to one class that day and he asked me politely "Aren't you going to the class?" And I said "No,because non of you are going" and this what hits me,he finally said "Well,you didn't care about it before(as in when we were in semester 1 and 2)"..that is what made me realize that I've changed a lot,though some of it are a good thing but others are not that,I've decided that I should change that,be the same person I was a year ago..but maybe not entirely,just the negative part...I know if I told them that I'm going to class by a cab,they would be nagging on me but I have to do whats best for me...But that was my plan at first..the thing is,suddenly,this week,my housemate/classmate(the same guy as the above) brought his car to college and I ride with him instead of my other friend(the one I usually ride with) and today,we weren't,I've changed my plan and I will see how this goes,if somehow we're still tardy or things get complicated,I will go back to my first plan...and maybe,there's a huge possibilities that I will take a cab because I decided on the first plan was not only because I don't wanna be late,but also,I don't wanna depend on other people(like I used to be in my first and second semester) and be a burden for them (though they never said anything),we'll see tomorrow...