Monday, September 12, 2011


Today would be the first day I start writing about myself on blog.My personal life,you see,I never share it with people except my family and my 2 best friends.....yeah,I have 2 best friends.One of them also have a blog,the name is 'BeFriending The Furry Beast',you can view it,it's kinda awesome.So,go now....but maybe you should finish reading mine first....hahahahaha..
Well,I don't actually know how to start but I guess I should start by telling you guys a bit about myself.My name is .....for those who recognise me,they know my full name but for those who don't,you can call me Zac...I know some of you might think that this is a fake name but trust me,it's not.My name does have the word 'Zac' in it.I'm 19 years old,I have finished high school 2 years ago but I haven't entered any university or college yet....actually I have,but I quited because.....well,that's a different story,I'll tell you guys someday.But I hope I will continue on my studies,maybe next year.I live in Malaysia,my address is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx......hahahahaha.My family.well,I come from a big family...not big as fat(no offend),just that I have a lot of siblings and I'm the youngest.I have 2 best friends,I don't want to write their names because I don't want to  be charge for invading their privacy.....hahahahaha.So,let's just put them as A and S.My friend A is the one that have blog(the one that I mentioned before),while S,he doesn't like all this blog stuff...he doesn't even have a Facebook,but that's ok with me,eventhough it's hard to connect with him.So,I guess that's it for now but actually I have a lot to tell about myself,my family and my's actually is one hell of a story,you know,about how the 3 of us become best friends,actually from enemy to best friends but I've wrote too much right now,so I'll just write about it later......BYEEEE.



Hi again,I know I haven't write anything for a few months but now,I'M BACK!!!!..First o fall,I would like to thank all of you who still keep on viewing 'MY BLOG',eventhough nothing new was published...sorry you guys but thank you so much for your support.I hope the reborn of 'MY BLOG' will make you guys visit it more often....... :) and I also going  to change a few things on 'MY BLOG' but not so much,just that I will write more about myself.For Zanessa's fans,don't worry because I will also going to write about both of them from time to time but maybe not so much as before.When I said more about me,meaning that I will write about what's going on in my life,like what had happened or what am I thinking about or what's my interest is,for example,what kind of music or song that I like,what movies I like and stuff.I might even write about  my opinion on songs or movies that I know...or maybe I'll even write  about where I'm going to for holiday or even better...I might write about my crush,you know,my personal crush...hahahahaha.I really hope that you all will like it and keep on viewing 'MY BLOG' and maybe leave a comment too....