Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday as always,I jogged for 1.3km and walked for 2.9km.Then,I had a big breakfast and online,took a nap and on late afternoon,me and my family went for a shopping and had dinner outside.It was fun.i bought a shirt that look almost the same as Zac Efron's....LOL..Today,I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 404...

Today,is like the usual but this time baldy isn't going anywhere.Actually,today I should start working like any other day but I want to work an hour early so that I could go home early because tonight we'll have a party for my 2 sisters' and my brother's birthday(their dates are different but in the same week)so that's why I want to go home early...I stopped at page 441.

Yesterday was great.The party went well.I had fun and so as my family.. :) I stopped at page 527..

You know what,before,I thought I should be as nice I could so that people would like me but I was wrong because people still judge u according to how you look despite how nice or kind you are.Maybe I wasn't suppose to be expecting that when I'm being kind,people would accept me because people will still judge you from the way you look not your heart.Sometimes I feel so stupid to think that if you are nice to people,people would be nice to you too.I might as well be evil........but I won't,even though I might not be too nice but I'm not gonna be mean.I don't care if people wouldn't accept me or wouldn't like me because I'm not good looking,as long as I like myself and I'm happy,why should I bother,right??? :) ...I stopped at page 605... :)