Monday, November 28, 2011


i promised you all that I will write about my 3 previous jobs.So,my first job was when I was 14 years old.I worked at my school but actually just at a stall that was provided by my school.So I worked there as a sales assistant(I think).I worked for about a month and a half,the reason I quited is because...hahahahaha this is gonna make you guys laugh because I miss my home but also because I was so tired working there.I said that because I have to come for work in the morning and straight away to afternoon at the time where my class start and then up to almost evening,when I now allow to go home.I was there almost the entire day.So that's why I resigned and besides,they paid me RM3 per's so cheap.My next job is when I was 18,I actually opened a my own food stall(Amazing!)LOL..but just a small stall.I sell fried ice-cream...hahahahaha I'm sure that you all are scratching your head right now,yeah fried ice-cream.It's actually a dough,like a bread but tha shape is like a a puff or a pie and you have to deep fry it but just for a few second or unless it will explode..hahahahaha...just kidding but really,you cannot overcooked it because the ice-cream will melt and it won't taste so good.Besides that,I also sell drinks,sweets and stuff,it last for a month because the stall is a bit far from my house,so we had to drive a car to go there.In fact,we have to bring a lot of things for cooking and drinks.Then,my brother got a job,so he has to take back the car and I decided to just close the stall because if not,it's too much difficulties to go there with a lot of stuff to bring.It sucks a bit,you know because it's fun do that and we were doing quite ok but I guess it was meant to end that way.Moving on,my third job was working at the KFC a few blocks from my house.I worked the twice actually.First,I started working last year,middle of october if I'm not mistaken but it last for a month and a half.I resigned because I was continuing on my studies but it doesn't last long either,I'll tell you all soon.The second time was this year,middle of May(I think)and that also last a month and a half LOL.This time I quited because I can't stand working there,it's not just because it's a load of work but it also because of the person I'm working with,she was such an asshole..but I'm not gonna tell you guys about that now(maybe next time)because she was so horrible and it's gonna take a long time to write about her pain-in-the-ass's attitude because it's a lot.So I'm just gonna continue on telling you guys about my job.BTW,the second time working at the KFC,I also worked with A but different department.Working at the KFC is a lot of work but sometimes it's kinda fun.Then until now,I'm working at the optometrist shop(likek I told you guys before).I also have a story to tell you all about when I was working at the KFC but I think that I'll tell you on the next time,ok???...BYE2


I'm alone at my work place right now,luckily I borrowed my sister's phone so I can listen to the radio and lessen my boredness... :) It's raining outside but there's no dark clouds but it's not too sunny either...a perfect scenery for a sad scene in a movie..LOL..My boss is back and the rain ahs stopped...OMG!!There's no electricity at my work place and even at my house...hahahahaha..I don't know how are we gonna be when night comes....Well,that doesn't last long,it's ok now,the electricity is back on...LOL