Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday I wrote on my Facebook status that I already give up hoping but then I deleted it because I realized that it's not true,I'm still hope for something sometimes but I have to say that I do give up hop eon a few people,for example,I give up hoping that they would reply my text or something but I never give up hope on God,I'm hoping for the best,hoping on something good to happen...sometimes I'm hoping on something impossible...but I still hope...maybe because I still have faith,even though I didn't realize it sometimes but luckily I got some help to remind me about it... :) I have something to tell you all...this might sound crazy but sometimes I feel like I wanna slap my face because sometimes I kinda forget how ugly I am,so I acted like I'm one of the good looking guy...kinda pathetic,right??When I realize that I acted that way,I would be so embarass because it's so stupid to behave like a handsome guy when in fact I'm not and never will... :( This is on of the things that I give up hope on,I'm trying to look better but I know it won't work,so I give up hoping that I will be a better looking guy....