Monday, July 16, 2012

MY DIARY (113)

I forgot to tell you that the ceremony went well,though I didn't stay long....Yesterday baldy asked me to bring my scientific calculator because he wants to borrow it and I did brought it with me today but I didn't give to him straight away.I'm waiting for him to awkwardly ask me...LOL..Tomorrow is my day off and I want to rest the whole day because I've done a lot of tiring work almost everyday this week...You know what,sometimes I like to write a quote or saying or a poem about relationship on Facebook and Twitter and I think..but I hope not,that people might think that I'm really in a relationship.I've been saying this quite a lot I think,that I'm not in a relationship,it was just something that I like to write.I'm kinda worry that someone who want to talk to me but refuse because they think I'm with someone...Remember that I said I have a few online friends(in 'My Internet Friends')??Well,I haven't talk to them for a few months I think and they haven't talk to me either.So,I'm worry that they're staying away from me because they think I'm forgetting them and I'm in a relationship with someone..hmmm...but I hope not...He already asked me,though it's wasn't awkward enough..damn!LOL...I have this crazy feelings,maybe because I'm not a good looking guy and often watched how celebrities meet with their fans and signing autographs and stuff..and I'm kinda hope or imagine myself like that,to have that kind of's crazy,right??..but one other problem besides my face,is that I'm not very good in mingling with people..but still,I kinda like it... :P...Had fun tonight watching 'The Amazing Spider-man'...that movie is AMAZING!!!!! *2 thumbs up*