Thursday, March 8, 2012


I didn't go to work today.. :P I told my boss that I have a fever....Hang out by myself,did a little shopping and bought my dad's birthday card,,Now I'm getting ready for the dinner.....Had fun tonight and everything went well...:)

Back to work..I went to the clinic yesterday and got my M.C....I already gave it to baldy..and now I'm acting like I still have the fever,I can't if baldy believe me...but who cares???LOL..Maybe later continue checking our customers' records... :( I'm not gonna read 'Brisingr' today and I only checked a few of the records because I have a terrible "headache" :P but I will finish it tomorrow or the next day..Tomorrow I have to start work an hour early but I will also off work an hour early.Why??I don't even know...I didn't read 'Brisingr' today....You know what?I think I don't wanna read any books in 'Inheritance Cycle' at work anymore,I just wanna read at home because   I'm afraid that when I'm no longer work here and I read the books again,I will remember my time here,which is SUCKS!..I wanna remember reading it as a good and happy thing but if I read it at work,it will ruin that memory because I hate this place.What do you guys think??I might get bored but I'll be happy in the future...

Today,is the first day I go to work without 'Brisingr' or any other novel from the 'Inheritance Cycle',instead,I brought my nephew's book,'Big Nate' by Lincoln Pierce..I'm alone at work right now,I don't know where baldy goes but he isn't here from the time I open the shop..I kinda like it,you know.BTW,I have finish checking but I don't know if he'll give me some more (hopefully not)..Right now,I'm trying to enjoy my free time from checking thing and from baldy... :) Today,something amazing(I think)happened..baldy said sorry to me for the first time.It happened before I went for my break.You see,my dad was here to pick me up but baldy haven't return from his lunch.So,when he arrived to the shop,he was like "Sorry,sorry,sorry," because he's late...I was quite surprise but well,he should feel sorry....I have made my decision that I will quit this job on July,no matter if I get accept or not to further my studies because I think it time to leave.I'm afraid if I stay longer,something worse might you think it's a good idea???I haven't told my family about it,though,because I don't want them to think that I'm being ridiculous but maybe they won't and I might feel guilty because my sisters and brothers have to stuck at a sucks place so that they can support us even though they hate their work place..So,meanwhile,I will keep it a secret from my family....I've finish reading 'Big Nate' and I still have 2 hours before I could go home...Luckily,my dad gave me his old phone because he has a new phone(a gift from my sister) I can listen to the radio.. :) On second thought,I might read 'Brisingr' at work because if not,I will die of boredom even though I have a radio now but still,I might get bored..but we'll see about it...

My dad,my 2 sisters and my brother will be going to Perlis for my cousin's wedding and they'll be back here next week.It'll be quite but it's good and besides,my sister will leave her laptop...Yea!!.. :) I brought another 'Big Nate' book and I'm still considering about bringing 'Brisingr' to work.One part of myself want to bring it to work but my other part thinks it's a bad idea..I don't know what to do....I've done reading 'Big Nate' and I still have about 3 and a half hours before I could go home..."amazing",right???...I feel a bit uncomfortable because I never had this kind of situation for a few weeks,you know,before this I always busy with checking or reading books but right now,I'm not doing anything.Back to the time when I didn't bring any books...but I kinda like it,feels more relax..... :) but I know that baldy will give me works to do...Almost time for me to go home.I think I will update my blog today.If i'm not too tired or my sister isn't using it...or worse,my sister brought it to Perlis....Arghh!!!!!!!