Monday, December 3, 2012

MY DIARY (173)

A called me late last night.He was worried about me with the whole problem thing.He told me a huge news too about the registration and the news is that I might not be able to apply to a government college next year.That news really made me reconsider my decision because my choice was to apply for it.Honestly,it makes me feels off,I’m not mad at him for telling me about it,it just made me hard to fall asleep last night....My dad told me that if I take the offer,we have to come up with about RM1500,including the payment and stuff.Since that I don’t have any savings(ridiculous,I know),I know my family will find a way to get it but I don’t want to and with the vacation thing,they gonna need that money....but I don’t wanna give that as a main reason because the real reason is,I’m not ready.....I’ve already told 1 of my sister and of course A about my final decision,which is not to take it because I looked at other government college application,doesn’t state that I couldn’t apply again next year..both of them was ok with my choice and A told me about other college and now I’m talking to his sister on Facebook to ask about her college...Thanks A for your advice and information!! J you’re my best friend.....A told her sister about my college...are you kidding me??!!...Ok,now I can focus on my vacation next week.. J...Hopefully nothing will happen that can ruin my happiness...