Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today,I'll be reviewing the movie 'The Amazing Spider-man'.I should tell you that I watched it in 3D.So what I can say about this movie is...this movie is AMAZING!!LOL...I mean,the 3D effect,the score,the actions,I love the actions.The main point of the story is the same as the previous Spider-man but there were few differences but I shouldn't tell you all because I don't wanna be a spoiler.There were a few people that said Andrew Garfield didn't leave an impact on the movie but for me,he did a good job.though maybe not so huge but I think it was great and Emma Stone really good with the character.The movie is awesome because there was an element of humor,besides for me,this movie is worth to watch :)

MY DIARY (114)

I had fun watching 'The Amazing Spider-man' last Snday..*2 thumbs up*..I did do a lot of things yesterday,just online and watching tv and washing the dishes..but I did online for almost half of the day.. :P *showing my teeth*..I have something to say,if you guys did read my status update on my Facebook and Twitter yesterday,then you might already know about it but if you don't,then I should tell you this...Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker wear the same hoodie as I am! and I wore the hoodie when I watched the movie...I was so surprise,though it's not 100% the same but who cares?.. LOL..It was quite awesome for me to see it...*showing my teeth* *2 thumbs up*

You know what,this Indian guy,he's our delivery guy,he's such a snob and rude.He would throw the paper on the desk in front of me to stamp it and the way talk,is very,very rude..And today,he came and did the same and you know what I did?I just stamp it wherever I want and at the wrong places and he pist-off but I just act like nothing happen.After that,he left.I feel kinda proud of myself..LOL..I know he'll be back to send some stuff and I'll be ready to counter attack him...Remember that I said I did something crazy(in 'My Diary 12')?It was actually I deleted my friends phone number from my's crazy,right??but it's something I have to do because they don't wanna have anything to do with me,so why should I??And don't worry,I'm not regretting it,I'm glad,feel much better...:) I've been thinking about deleting them from my Facebook but it sounds a bit maybe not...but we'll see about it...