Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Back to work...I still feel tired maybe because I didn't get enough rest.Time moves pretty fast yesterday...I'm a bit worry because I don't know whether the customer already took his spectacles or not.If he did,then it's kinda a good thing because baldy haven't said anything about it but if he didn't,then that's a big problem...I really hope he did take it already....OMG!!!He haven't take it!!!!I'm so dead...Hopefully he'll take it when I'm not here...Argh!!!!!....I stopped reading 'Mansfield Park',I didn't even finish it yet but maybe someday.Since last week,I started reading 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' by Harper Lee again and I read it today.You know what,since I finished reading 'Inheritance' and 'The Secret:The Magic',I never went to a bookstore anymore.I didn't do it purpose,maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe......I don't know...but I will buy a new day...because it's kinda hard to start reading a new book after spending a lot of time reading a series book....I have a bad news,I didn't get accepted to any university.I checked my application yesterday...but I already sent my appeal...I really hope I get it this time....but if not,I will find another college or anything to continue my studies....

I'm alone at work and the spectacles isn't collected yet... :O...Baldy is back....I spent my day writing for my novel...