Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I know I haven't write anything for like 2 weeks,that's because I don't know what to write..but now I know...first of all,I wanna tell you all something that I had refused to write about before but I think I should write about it now.You see,my roommates,which is also my housemates starting next semester,they can be a jackass sometimes.You all know about my transportation problem and my sisters told me that I should just go to college with my roommates since they both have a motorbike and I can pay for the gas.So I think that's a good idea because from where we gonna stay,it's hard to get a taxi and I'm not that rich to buy a car or a motorbike and I thought they're thinking the same thing but "amazingly" that was the last thing that came out of their mouth,at first they said I could go with my other friends that live nearby...I mean,how "genius" is that??...I was kinda pissed off and frustrated....but I guess,my previous motto was right,that I shouldn't count on other people....but I don't want to think about that now,because in about 2 days,my sisters and I are gonna go for a vacation!yea!