Saturday, December 31, 2016


Hey guys! So by the time I’m posting this, it will be New Year’s Eve. I am excited for the holiday but right now I’m not too excited about leaving 2016, though it might change on the day I’m posting this, because I don’t have any big accomplishment this year. I’m not saying that this year is a bad year for me because it’s not, though yes, there were ups and downs throughout this whole year but overall 2016 is a good year. My hope of meeting new people that inspire and makes me happy did come true and I am truly grateful for that. However, I still haven’t achieved any big thing this year, and that’s why I feel like I need to be in 2016 until I have a big achievement.

But that is impossible...

So, this week I will be sharing with you guys the topic of new year’s resolutions (obviously).

How mainstream of me...

So yeah, everyone probably busy listing all their resolutions since the New Year is approaching. The question is, why? I know that it’s fun and very exciting because it’s something that almost all people do, and for some, probably it has been their tradition for years, but why now?

I’m not saying that I’ve never done it before because I have but since a few years ago, I started to not really care about making a new year’s resolution on new year because I feel like resolution doesn’t have to be created on the last week of the year or on the new year’s eve, you can create your resolution anytime between that 365 or 366 days.

I get it that it’s new year so you want to do new stuff or achieve new things but what I don’t understand is that some people get stressed out to come up with New Year’s resolution.

*playing 21 Pilot’s song Stressed Out*

I mean, if you can’t come up with resolution on the New Year’s Eve, just create it later, when you already got it. Take a chill pill.

And now let’s talk about accomplishing your New Year’s resolution.

This is also something that I think you shouldn’t get too stressed out to do. I mean, you don’t have to go crazy and depress and shit to accomplish them, because it’s not good and you might die....literally....

For those who have set their resolutions and didn’t do anything about it because they were lazy or didn’t give a f*** about it but suddenly went mental to achieve it in the last 24 hours of that year, then you should get stress, you lazy piece of shit.

But for those who are unable to make it because they were busy with other more important things, then its okay, you can just bring that resolution to the next year, don’t get stress about it. Take a chill pill or anti-depression pill or something to calm you down.

So, the moral of this random post is,
1)      It’s not a compulsory to create your new year’s resolution on new year’s eve or the last week of the year.
2)      Yes, you should try your best to accomplish your resolution but if you’re unable to do it, then its okay, try achieving it the next year.

Just have fun on the new year’s eve and enjoy your holiday. Get high on life!

So that’s all for this week. Hope you’ll have a great new year and weekend.

This week I wanna know what’s your plan for the new year celebration? Share your resolution (if you have any).  And comment your thoughts about new year’s resolution.

Leave your opinion on the comment section below. Share this post if your friends are being crazy about creating or achieving their resolutions. And follow BATC for more post.

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