Saturday, December 31, 2011


OMG!!! 1 day to new year!!! I might get my salary tomorrow.. yea!!..I think I'm gonna text A & S to confirm about tomorrow night,I wanna ask them to hang out.... :) A is confirmed to go but A is still haven't decide...Speaking off new year's eve,do you remember my sister,the one that I had a fight with but not the recent one,the one that I had fight with a few weeks ago???.....Well,she watched 'new year's eve' last Wednesday and she said that the movie was amazing..and since that,she was like "I wanna watch new year's eve again,"for a few I said to her "That's a bit overacting," and then she said "Well,I like that movie because it's good,not like you(me),you like ti because of Zac Efron," I was like,what??..I mean,I do like new year's and it's just because of Zac Efron,that movie is awesome but I'm not overrated like her....but we didn't argue,we're ok right now..I'm just telling you guys because I feel like I want to share it...I'm thinking whether I should apologize to my sister or not because tomorrow is new year's eve and it's about second what do you guys think??Should I do it or just continue ignoring her like she ignores me????

Happy new year's eve everyone!!!..OMG,I'm not so sure if the three of us c ould go out tonight because A's grandmother came to visit him...I tried texting A but his phone is switch off...I'm still not confirm about tonight...I think I'm not gonna apologize to my sister but maybe some other time because it's seems a bit funny,you know because it's new year's eve and that's why I want to apologize to her,it's funny,sounds fake....LOL...Maybe I'll apologize later or just wait until we both forget about why we were fighting...LOL..OMG!!!..I'm celebrating new year on my own...I mean I could celebrate it with my family but my family isn't going anywhere,so I would go out,alone because all my BFFs are celebrating with their family,so that left me alone.."genius",right???.. :( but it's ok,maybe this is a chance for me to watch a movie alone because I sometimes feel like watching movie by myself....Sad story,I didn't watch any movie because all movies are on midnight and tomorrow i have to go to right now I'm at my house,online....but it's ok because I could update my blog.... :)HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I don't really know how to say this,but I'm just gonna say it...yesterday,I found out about something,it's actually an information from someone who study about's kinda hard to explain it,so I'm just gonna straight to the point..the researcher said that,in some part of Al-Quran he found out that it's telling something might happen on 7th January 2012 for 4 days and 4th November 2012 also for 4 days....but I don't know whether it's just a coincidence or what and I also don't know what might happen,it could be a flood,an earthquake or a war or anything....So,I'm kinda disturb by it,that's why I'm telling you guys about it...I'm preparing myself but I hope that nothing bad will happen.....My phone turned off because my battery is empty,I forgot to charge it this morning..the thing is,I got a message just before my phone was off,so I don't who it's from or what's the message...I'm so worry right now,that message could be an important one..besides that,I'mm lost track of time,I don't know what time is it..oh,I hope time move quickly so that I could go for my break and charge my phone...Fiuh,it was nothing,just my sister texted and asked at what time I will have my break......and I already charge my phone....


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


4 more days till new year,my 2 best friends and I we plan to go out on new year's eve,you know,just hang out somewhere..I think I want to see a fire crackers but if we have time for it because we'll be out after I get off work,so..we'll see about that...I was thinking,that in a few months,A will continue his degree in Kuantan,Pahang which is far from here and S will still be in Penang continuing his diploma and I don't know where will I be if I get accepted to the university,which I don't know if I would...If I get accepted,I don't know when we'll have a chance to meet and we'll definitely be rarely see each other and if I don't,I will have to continue working and I'll be all's kinda sad when thinking about it,you know.... :(


Sunday, December 25, 2011


Feeling a bit better,I mean my fever but I feel sad for my friend,M,she just broke up with her boyfriend..well,actually he broke up with her..M is one of my online friends and she lives in US,it's kinda sad when thinking that she'll be celebrating  christmas but  yesterday she lost a boyfriend..but I talked to her and she's getting better... :) I hope she'll have a great christmas...One other thing,this is actually when I think about it again,it's not really surprising but at first it see,there's one time,I was giving an advise to M and she said "I guess this is how it feels like talking to Zac Efron," and I said "Maybe," because we both thought that Zac Efron is a person that like to give people advise,then I found out a few days ago that he's not like that...So,I guess that's one of our differences,other than looks and talent of course...but I understand,maybe he doesn't like to interfere in people's relationship but it doesn't mean I like interfering in people's life just that I have to see people sad...So,if he or she talk about it,I'll try to help them solve their problems...I'm gonna off work early today,an hour early because my boss will be going out somewhere and me and A will go for a grocery shopping because S is here and we are gonna have dinner at my house tomorrow!!!!

OMG,I'm so tired,just done making cake and I'm at work right now...I'm still not done with the preparation for tonight main schedule is full for today..I'm not sure if I could online tonight..Amazing!!!....My cake taste delicious,a bit too sweet but the taste and the looks are the same as the one that I saw on TV,so,that's mean I did it!!!..OMG!!!They're all here!!...Had a lot of fun cooking and dinner with A and S..we've cooked a lot of delicious food...Stayed up late,talking,singing and then laughing again..and of course,laughing like a drunk person..It's amazing,I wish we could it again,eventhough it's exhausting but it's fun because I did it with my 2 best friends.... :)

Woke up a bit late than usual,eating leftover for breakfast and head to work...BTW,today would already be 3 months and 4 days since I've started this "MY DIARY" thing....time flies so fast feels like I started it last week...this also mean,OMG!!,6 more days till 2012!!There's a few resolutions that I haven't achieve!!PAUL!!...I had a fight with my sister but not that I had with before,you see,it started 2 days ago,when I planned about this whole dinner thing...A told me that he wanted to cook a chicken and asked me should he cook for my family too,then I said to him that it's not necessary and besides it's embarrassing to ask him to cook for my family.So,my sis said "It's ok,we can just see you guys eating and smell,"and stuff..and yesterday,she said it again and sometimes she act like she knows all about my friends,I was like so mad and I yelled at her because I was so sick of listening to her talking about not cooking the dinner for her too and she knows all about my friends,I mean she's the one who always say "You don't know my friends,","You don't know how my friends are," and suddenly she's acting like she knows my friends.After I yelled at her,she said she was just kidding about that dinner stuff and she's the one that clean the kitchen so that my friends could use and she said it in a yelling tone too...Then,since that,we didn't talk to each other...I'm not the one who suppose to apologising,right???because she was so annoying about that dinner stuff...I know that I was acting like I don't care but actually I feel guilty and stuck between my family and my best friends..I mean,I wanted my family to eat the same thing that we eat but I couldn't ask A to cook for my family too,it's too embarrassing because he bought all the ingredient for the meal he cooked,using his own money and besides,it's not like my family doesn't have anything to eat...but yesterday,A and S cooked an extra meal and we served it to my family..but anyway,had a blast dinner yesterday,thanks S and A...... :)


Thursday, December 22, 2011


I did something amazing today,well..maybe not so amazing and the thing is,I repaired a pair of glasses and  I did it quite successfully but my boss didn't say anything...usually(well,not usually,just twice I think)if I did something good,he would say "you did it,"but not this time...this was something I never did and I did it pretty good but he didn't say anything..isn't it "amazing"?..The other FAOCW came and I didn't got a chance to insult her too because she came with her family but as usual,I made a disgust look...this one,honestly,she looks like a pig...seriously,her head is small but her body is huge and fat...and today she wore pink...a complete combination... :)



It's official,I have a's started yesterday and now it's still the's not getting better and right now I'm working...sad,isn't it??Eventhough I'm not feeling well but I still managed to post a story about Zac yesterday,I wanted to post about Vanessa but her story was with Austin Butler,which I think not suitable to post here,right??since that this is a Zanessa's blog...I hope I will feel better tomorrow...One of the freak ass old Chinese woman came tonight,she picked her own glasses..I didn't got a chance to insult her because my boss is here and she being nice to me but all I got to do is,I looked her in disgust...I don't know if she saw,I'm waiting for the other one to come... :)

I'm still not feeling very well but still,I'm at work...I didn't get a chance to update my blog yesterday,maybe I'll do it today but I don't know,we'll see about it....I don't really know why but  I'm thinking about something and that something is,have you ever feel like you know someone and like them for who they are but then you found out that they are not who we thought they are??..well,I did,eventhough it's hard to admit but I have to say,it'd hurt like hell...but I got through(I think),I cured myself but we can't never forget what happened...I know that I've and a lot more people said "Forget the past," we said it because it's the right thing to say to make people feel better,but we all know that we can't forget the past..we can not live in the past but we can't never forget the past because the past is a part of our life..unless you had memory lost or something... :)


Monday, December 19, 2011


Now I really feel like I'm having a fever..but hopefully it's not gonna happen because I can't not go to work because of fever again...oh God,please don't let me get the fever :( ...I didn't post anything about Zac or Vanessa since I've started writing about myself..I hope I could blog about htem tomorrow.. :) ...I haven't heard from G or 'It',maybe they're busy..I don't really mind because if they did contact me,I'm not so sure if I have time to reply or call back,I'm kinda busy myself :P ...Right now,I'm controlling not to burst into a big laughing,you see,I have this customer,he's a Chinese guy,he came to my shop with his family...they live in Australia because of his brother is studying there or something..the funny thing is,this guy,he's acting like some white hip hop guy,I know he's pretending to be when obviously he's pure should see this guy,the way he dress,the way he walk,he's like in a wrong trend at a wrong place.. LOL..what a funny guy :) ...I hate those 2 freak ass old Chinese women,which is also my customer..I don't know why,because they were speaking in Chinese but they laughed at me,like really laugh...I was talking to myself like "What the hell?"...they were crazily laugh,eventhough I don't know what they said,but I know they were laugh at me...what an asshole are they??but u  know  what,when they'll come back to collect their glasses,I will get my revenge..hahahaha...I'm so determine to learn Chinese right now,so that I could understand what they say and insult them in a language they don't understand..but that would be in English of course,I'm sure they don't understand it  from they way how trashy they are..LOL..BTW,I've finished reading "The Novice",overall it's ok but there's one part that frustrated me...but still,it's a great novel... :)


Saturday, December 17, 2011


I feel happy today :) ...I don't know what happened but I'm happy,that's good enough for me... :) For those who were concerned about me,I just want to say thank you so much.. :)You are a great friends...BTW,I've started reading chapter 33,5 more chapters to go...but sometimes I feel like I don't wanna finish reading it's because if I finish it,I won't have anything to read while waiting for my salary and then I can buy the third book..but at the same time,I want to know what happen on the last chapter...I have been thinking that I should just finish reading this one and if I feel bore after finish it,I'll read the first book again..but we'll just have to see about it....OMG!!I forgot to mentioned to that the first book was a birthday gift from S 3 years ago...Sorry S!!LOL and thank you so much for the gift!!!!


Friday, December 16, 2011


I didn't go to work today,still tired from unpacking my bags and travelling... :P but I will go tomorrow...eventhough I feel like I didn't have enough rest...Right now,I feel like a school boy on Sunday..I really hope I don't have to go to work tomorrow... :(

I didn't go to work today(again)...well,actually I told my boss that I was sick yesterday,so today I was going to the clinic for my MC but it was too many patient in the clinic....I tried looking for other clinics but it was the either way,I have to I was waiting,it almost 12 which I have to go to works and my turn still not coming to see the doctor..So,I have to tell my boss that I was still sick...Then,I got 2 days MC...Amazing!!!...but actually I do feel a little headache and fatigueness...but it's nothing,maybe just the heat from the sun..

I go to work today..I gave my MC to my boss and I'm acting like someone who's recovering from boss was asking me "Are you ok?"....I'm such a good actor.... LOL

I've start reading chapter 23 now,it's getting interesting....Actually,I'm not in a very good mood these couple of days...I don't really know feel like I'm loosing someone or something that I care about :( but you can't loose something that you didn't have,right??I just don't know why...I listened to a sad songs,I don't feel like's weird,,,hopefully this feelings will go away and making myself happy again....I've finished reading chapter!that was fast.....


Monday, December 12, 2011


Today,obviously I'll be reviewing the movie "New Year's Eve"..First of all,I just want to say that this movie is....AWESOME!!!!!!..hahahaha...but seriously,this movie is great...well,you should expect it because the director was the one who directed "Pretty Woman" and the producer is the one who produce "Valentine's Day",knowing that they are the people behind this movie would make you say "Oh,no wonder this movie was so great"...and lets not forget the cast...they have Michelle Pfeiffer,Robert DeNiro,Halle Berry,Sarah Jessica Parker,Zac Efron,Ashton Kutcher,Hillary Swank,Bon Jovi,Katherine Heigl and few others and the camio was shocking,they have Alyssa Milano,Matthew Broderick,Joe Mcintire...just to name a few...So,overall the movie is amazing and the script,some of it make us thinking "Yeah,that's right"...this movie is like reflected to us,even I have been saying to myself "What have I achieved this year??How many good deeds have I done??"you know,things like that....but like they said in that movie "New year's eve is about second chance", you guys should watch this movie..... :)


Second day at my aunt's house,we went to the beach..a bit far from where we're staying...there's a lot of people at the and my sisters swam in the was amazing.I haven't been into sea for quite a long time..After that,we grabbed lunch..the food was delicious...It was raining heavily...For dinner,we ate at the seafood was expensive but the food wasn't so good and there's a lot of starving sister was so disturbed by them..and when we got back to my aunt's house,we had to eat again because she already bought a lot of food,after we already told her that we were going out for dinner....amazing,right??We were so full....So,that's all for today... :)

Last day here,after we took our breakfast,we packed our bags and head home but before that,we went to the flea market not so far from my aunt's house...I bought some souvenir for A and S...we also took some pictures there..after that,we head home and now I'm at my own house,home sweet home.... :)....It's kinda sad because we couldn't stay long there,eventhough  it's not so happening like here but I wish I could stay for a few more days.... :)


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Just arrive at my aunt's house and now it's 4 pm....Since we got here,we didn't go anywhere but instead we just stayed at home...kinda boring but I slept for about 3 hours.....tomorrow we might go to the beach but maybe not....we'll just have to wait and see... :)


Friday, December 9, 2011


Since yesterday,I've start reading a new novel that I bought on Monday,the title is "The Novice" by Trudy's actually a sequel of the first book in The Black Magician Trilogy,the first book was "The Magician Guild",that book was awesome....I've finished reading that and now the second book,I've read 3 chapters now,so far it's kinda awesome....I can't wait to continue reading it and buy the third book title "The High Lord".. :) I'm reading chapter 7 now....OMG!!it's getting interesting... :)

My boss is such as an ass,be made me panic just see,there's a woman called and asked me to find a frame(glasses)for her,she gave the frame's code...while I was talking to her,my boss came back from where the hell he,I told him that this customer ask to find a frame and he ask me to find it myself and the way he was talking is like he's mad at me and at the same time that woman was still on the line,she waits for me to find I was like "what to do,what to do?",but to myself...Finally,I found that frame and told that woman...then,he said to me "that's not the customer,it's the supplier,"and I said to him "I didn't know that,"and then we continue doing what we were doing...BTW,I call my boss 'baldy',well,not in front of him of course...just when I was talking to my family or my's not that he is bald,just that he's hair is so little,like a that's why I call him baldy...LOL..

OMG!!!'New Year's Eve' is awesome!!!!I've watched it yesterday with A,we had lots of fun eventhough we didn't do so much thing...I still can't believe that I finally got a chance to watch it,I'm so happy right now!!..BTW,I almost finish reading chapter 12,that story is exciting...and tomorrow I'll...actually we(me and my family)will be going to my aunt's house @Perak...which is about 2 hours of drive from my house...evethough my aunt's place is not so happening like here but they have places that's nice to visit...and I'm glad for not have to go to work..LOL...I've finished reading chapter 16 now,and I'm resting my mind for a awhile... :)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Had a fun time yesterday with my sisters..eating @Subway,did a little shopping ans then eat again..LOL.OMG!!!'New Year's Eve' will be in cinemas in 2 days!!!Can't wait to watch it... :)...OMG!!(again)..I am so worry right now,1st,my chances to continue on my studies is getting smaller,2nd,'New Year's Eve' might not be on the cinema near to my house!!!Arghh!!!!!!!


Monday, December 5, 2011


I sometimes wonder,why you people view my blog??I mean,are you guys the same person who keep viewing my blog??I just wanted to know because I feel that my blog is kinda boring but still,there's people viewing it.So,I wanted to know,is it just a coincidence or you guys really like my blog??but hopefully it's because you guys like my blog...LOL..There's something else that's in my head..are people outside of Malaysia can't see my tweets??because I tweet a few times but nothing,no retweet,no reply, is true??....G texted me and asked me to buy her that phone credit,I said I'll try but I think I'll help her this time...and besides,she said she'll pay me back...LOL...thsi shows that I can help her,sometimes but not all the time because I'm not a rich guy and because we're just friends..I hope sees is that way....



  1. One In A Million-Neyo
  2. Rush-Paula Abdul
  3. Season In The Sun-Terry Jacks
  4. Living On A Jet Plane-Peter Paul & Mary
  5. We're In Heaven-Dj Sammy
  6. I Have A Dream-Mamma Mia
  7. I Can't Fight This Feelings Anymore-Rio Speedwagon
  8. Hero-Enrique Iglesias
  9. I Like It-Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull
  10. Price Tag-Jessie J & B.O.B
  11. Heaven Knows-Rick Price
  12. Living Next Door To Alice-The Smokey
  13. Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers
  14. Don't You Wanna Stay-Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean
  15. Through The Years-Kenny Rogers
  16. Sorry Blame It On Me-Akon
  17. Right Now-Akon
  18. Rain On Me-Marc Anthony & Pitbull
  19. Airplane-Hayley Williams & B.O.B
  20. Kings & Queens-30 Seconds To Mars
  21. Only Exception-Paramore
  22. Give Me Everything-Neyo & Pitbull
  23. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me-Dusty Springfield
  24. Everywhere-Michelle Branch
  25. Vincent-Don Mclean
  26. It Must Have Been Love-Roxette
  27. Zombie-Cranberries
  28. Dream-Cranberries
  29. Arms-Christina Perry
  30. Until The Time Is Through-Five
  31. Bye Bye Bye-N'sync
  32. Pop-N'sync
  33. Gone-N'sync
  34. To Love You More-Celine Dion
  35. You-The Switchfoot
  36. She Believes In Me-Kenny Rogers,Ronan Keating
  37. Goodbye-Air Supply
  38. Making Love(Out OF Nothing At All)-Air Supply
  39. I'm All Out Of Love-Air Supply
  40. You Mean Everything To Me-Neil Sedaka
  41. Right Here Waiting-Richard Marx
  42. The Day Fall In Love-Dolly Parton & James Ingram
  43. I Miss You Like Crazy-The Moffats
  44. If I Only Knew-Gil & The Moffats
  45. Never Ending Story-Limahl
  46. Sweet Disposition-The Temper
  47. Who Owns My Heart-Miley Cyrus
  48. Lets Dance-Vanessa Hudgens
  49. Vulnerable-Vanessa Hudgens
  50. Taking Back My Love-Enrique Iglesias & Ciara
  51. Boulevard-Dan Byrd
  52. Set Fire To The Rain-Adele
  53. Comeback To Me-Vanessa Hudgens
  54. In Spite Of All The Danger-The Quarrymen
  55. Say Ok-Vanessa Hudgens
  56. Hoedown Throwdown-Miley Cyrus
  57. Say A Little Pray For You-Aretha Franklin
  58. Nothing-The Script
  59. Love The Way Lie Pt.2-Rihanna & Eminem
  60. Mamma Mia-Mamma Mia
  61. Winner Takes It All-Mamma Mia
  62. Slipping Through My Fingers-Mamma Mia
  63. SOS-Mamma Mia
  64. Our Last Summer-Mamma Mia
  65. Super Trouper-Mamma Mia
  66. Tell Me It's Ok-The Jerk Theory
  67. Tell Me What To Do-The Jerk Theory
  68. You're In My Head-The Jerk Theory
  69. The Jerk Song-The Jerk Theory
  70. Butterfly Fly Away-Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus
  71. Stereo Heart-Adam Levine & Gym Class Heroes
  72. Straight Up-Paula Abdul
  73. Uptown Girl-Westlife
  74. Step By Step-New Kids On The Block
  75. Anyone Else But You-Juno
  76. Time To Pretend-MGMT
  77. It Will Rain-Bruno Mars
  78. Unbreak My Heart-Tony Braxton
  79. Hanging Tough-New Kids On The Block
  80. Hard To Say I'm Sorry-Ezyet 

Sunday, December 4, 2011


'G' texted me this morning,just an empty talk..then she figuratively asking when I want to ask her,I laughed and just messing with her saying "Did I say that?",LOL...then she was like mad at me....After that,she asked me whether I have hide all her picture in her Facebook.....Well,a few days ago,she asked me to help her hide all her personal info including pictures in her Facebook.She already gave me her username and password..but I told her that I couldn't do it because my sister's using it(which I lied),I did that because I don't want her to think that I'm her tool friend,the one that she can ask to do anything for her.It's not like I'm being ego,just that I've helped her before...but I don't want her to think that I'm willing to do anything that she ask me to...So,when he asked me today,I didn't reply...and about going out with her,I think it's time because she's done with exam and I have to make things clear for her....

It's raining heavily right now,same as yesterday night....but this is better because there's no thunder or lightning... :) ..I wonder how people can just skip school without thier parents permission???I'm not saying that I went to school everyday,I do skip school sometimes because I was sick and sometimes because I was too lazy but that's was with my day permission...but skipping school because I was lazy is rarely happen because my dad and my family will be mad at me... :) but seriously,how can you possibly skip school that way,I mean without your parents permission??I know that every morning you wake up and feel that laziness but once you are inside the school,that feeling is gone,especially when u see your friends...and once you graduated from school,you will remember it as a good memory especially when you're in high school..I sometimes recall my school memories,the good and the bad,the funny and the scary memories...and I feel glad that went to school,eventhough not everyday :P For those who skipped school,what kind of memory you'll have??Skipping school??being caught by teachers??getting scolded by teachers and parents??get a bad result for your exam that will affect your future???and if it happen,it will be too late and then you will say to yourself "I wish I went to school everyday", I just want to say "Go to school,school will be a great memory for you", I know you don't feel it that way right now...hey,I was a student too,so I understand how you feel but I also done with school,so trust me when I say once you graduated,you will think back and say "I miss my school years and all the things that happened in school",,GO TO SCHOOL!!!!.....LOL.

At first,I thought that I should stop being "confident" because I feel it's not working...but on second thought,I'm just gonna continue doing it...I don't care there's people out there saying "That guy is ugly and he still want to be confident??"and I'm not gonna give up because somehow someday someone will say "That guy is not so good looking but he has confident.I like that",.. :)So,wish me luck,you guys...Hey,have you all notice that I didn't mention anything about 'It' for a few days??LOL...I didn't realize it before...Wow,I guess I do make a progression...hahahahahaha...maybe because I haven't say anything to 'It' lately,busy with work.. :P...Yea!!I already got my salary!!!!!!!