Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday I hang out was fun,walking around,did a little shopping and then,ate @Kenny Rogers..It's a bit awkward eating there by yourself but I don't mind that.What I do mind is,you see,the person that served me was a girl,she's not pretty and she didn't acted like she likes me.So,after I paid my meal,I did something that to me is so arrogant...I left some tips,quite a lot (I think) because I feel like if I didn't,I'm afraid she might think I'm a cheapskate (what the hell was that???).After I left,I was "What was I thinking?"I feel like a giant ass..I called A right after that.I told him everything and he said "It's ok.There's nothing arrogant about that,"I felt relief but still,I hope I didn't do it just because I'm afraid of being judge by people.I'm not regret leaving that tips but I regret of my intense of living doing it...but well,people makes mistakes..BTW,thanks A for helping me out and I had fun anyway.... :) I stopped reading 'Eldest' at page 726....

Do u know why people do something that they knew it's a mistake but they did it anyway??It's either curiosity or stupidity but I think most of people did it because of stupidity,especially those who ponder after they realize that it is a mistake.Do you know why I'm sure about it???Because I'm one of those people who did something that I knew it will be a mistake,for example,with 'It',I knew that 'It' wouldn't reply but still I write to 'It',isn't that just stupid???And you know what,I did it again,this morning and I know it will be the same thing but I did it anyway because of my stupidity...I just wish that someone could slap me in the face and tell me how stupid I am....Now,I have to check our customers' record,which is a lot..OMG,I hate this.... :( I stopped at page 750...