Sunday, November 27, 2011


Earlier today,I watched 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid',I know it's lame because that movie is like last year but I just watched it first,when it was in cinema,I didn't feel to watch it but some people said it was a great movie and now it's on tv,so I watch it.The point is,when I watch that movie,it makes me thinking "what kind of guy should I be?",I mean,I sometimes feels like wanna be a nice guy,you know,clean cut guy but sometimes I wanna be a bad guy or mysterious guy or even a happy go lucky I don't know what to decide..I can't be all of that,people might think I have spilt personality....but most of the time,I do like being a nice guy because I can't be a bad guy  look like this,people will say "Look at that guy,his ugly and mean.I hate that kind of guy",....So I don't wanna be label as that....but it doesn't mean if I become a good looking guy(I don't think if it's possible)I will be mean,just saying that if I'm being mean now,it's not a very good now I'm still searching but  I think I am more of a nice guy but I'm not gonna be too nice until I'm making fool of myself...just intermediate.... :) Wish me luck!! BTW,I didn't write  anything yesterday because nothing happened and I don't know what else to write........OMG!!S is back!!!We can hang out but not sure when but we can't go out on Monday because he'll be going back there on Monday....

Oh my God!!My boss is so lame......he knows nothing about fashion.He didn't even know what a suspender is ...WTH!!!He said I look like a performer and he laughed...he really needs to be expose to fashion...Another bad news,we might not go all because A is at somewhere far.....far away.So,I'm not go sure about this hang out thing..It is already confirmed that we are not gonna go out..bummer..but what to do??Things like this happen all the time....