Friday, January 4, 2013

MY DIARY (189)

I know now why I always feel sad or depress every time I got accepted to a college..yes,it is because I don't want to let go of my life but it's also because I know I would feel nervous,like I am right now.I feel nervous everyday and I'm tired of it but I couldn't get rid of it because it's always there...and the horrible thing is,when I'm in college,I don't have the thing to cheers me up like I have here.At home,when I feel down or nervous or sad,I always have something that help me be happy again,like my laptop and the internet of course...but when I'm in college,how am I suppose to do that??My sister told me to bring the laptop there but I said not yet,I want to make sure that it's safe and suitable to bring it,so meanwhile,I will have to either find another alternative or just pretend that everything is fine... *sigh*