Sunday, August 25, 2013


My brother had an eye operation because of cataract yesterday,he had successfully gone through the operation and he is now at home trying to recover..I really hope everything is okay and his eye will recover quickly...Yesterday and today,I went to 2 different open houses.Yesterday was my cousin's and today was one of my college girl friend's....and now,I'm alone in my room at my roommates aren't here yet...BTW,next Saturday would be my open house,though I haven't officially invite my college friends,but I have invited my 2 best friends..I miss them so much...The sad thing is,the next day will be my first mid semester "amazing" is that??It's on Sunday!!!! Argh!!!!!...wish me luck..

I wonder,am I really a snob??...I don't know if I told you guys before but I think I did,about this bunch of girls who talked to me last semester...but after a few months until now,they never said hi to me anymore,which is I don't really mind but it makes me wonder if that means I'm a snob...I don't know if they doing because I don't really said hi to them,it's because I told you,I'm not really friendly and I'm a shy guy...or is it because they often saw me hanging with my girl friends...I just don't know...maybe I'll try to say hi to them...