Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hi guys! What up??

Since this week is all about the love

*sprinkling everyone with the love powder*

So I decided to do the same.

Not making love, you perv!

I mean, to write something love related.

This time it will be personal, it’s about me.  As some of you might remember that a few years ago I posted about my secret admirers (I’ll put the link below), so this week I’ll be sharing about the girls that I liked or had a crush on. To be honest, I’m not sure which one is which, because I don’t know if I REALLY like these girls or I just had crush on them or just like being around them. 

Anyway, just bare with me.

I’m not gonna be revealing any names or any specific characteristic.

Here we go, not in order:
1.       X
I’m pretty sure those who have been reading my blog 5 or 6 years ago would definitely know her. So I am not explaining more about her, just to say that she was my schoolmate.

2.       Y
Y, you all remember her because she was a recent topic that mentioned on my My Diary’s posts. This was also the only girl that I have had the courage to open up to in person, though not in a situation I was hoping for. Don’t be surprised you guys, I was in my 20s, and it’s about time I do something like that. However, when I think about it again, I’m not sure if I do like her or was it just because she was nice to me....I really don’t know. I guess it was a good thing that we didn’t become a couple because what if I don’t actually like her that much? It will be a disaster.

3.       The girl who I never mentioned here before (or maybe I did?)
There was this girl in my primary school which I was quite close to on my last year there. I don’t remember if we’ve had exchanged gifts but I do remember I gave her a present (but I don’t remember what it was). I think she went to the same high school with me but for just like 1 or something and after that we lost contact.

4.       The girl who I think I’ve mentioned here before.
This one was from my high school. She was a junior while I was a senior. I have to say, she was pretty, and I was interested to know her. What I did was (when I think about it again, I can’t believe I did that at the age of 17, and I don’t mean it in a bad way) I gave a rose with a card that have my phone number. But I have to let you know that I didn’t personally gave to her, I asked one of my schoolmate to do it. I know its lame but in my defend, I was worry she didn’t want to accept it if I’m the one who gave it to her. Unfortunately, she had (or maybe has) a boyfriend, and I found out about that when she texted me.

5.       That little girl.
This was when I was 6 or 7, I can’t really remember. And I actually don’t remember who she was but my family said she was the daughter of our family friend or something. But I what I do remember is that I gave her this plastic ring with a plastic gem that you can get when you buy a candy stick (kinda like a candy cane). That was all.

6.       Those primary school girl(s)
I don’t remember how many but my sister said I spent time with quite a lot of girls when I was in primary school and I wasn’t just hang out, I bought them lunch too.

So yeah, that was pretty much the girls that I liked or had crush on or something.

I know it must be a shock for you all because I’m still single and never been in a relationship though the list is quite long, but don’t worry, so am I. I guess the one for me is not in this list because she’s out there somewhere.

*hopeless romantic af*

Anyway, thanks for reading my long ass post. And I hope you’ll have a great weekend and a great time with your love ones.

This week I wanna know, have you had a crush before? Or has someone had crush on you?

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Love Always,

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