Saturday, February 4, 2012


I'm still with  my serious face and hoping that nothing bad will happen....I'm planning on watching movies but haven't decide what movie yet and hopefully my salary is already in the bank..Times move a bit slow today,I don't know how's that possible but yeah,I feel the time move kinda slow...maybe because I don't feel happy working here anymore but who knows,right???..I have  finish reading 'Eragon'...overall,the story is...AMAZING!..can't wait to read the second book...

Yesterday after I got off work,me and sister went to watch a movie.At first,we planned to watch 'Journey 2' but it was on 3D and kinda expensive,so we decided to watch 'Chronicle' which is quit expensive but cheaper than 'Journey 2' because yesterday was the premier day...but it was worthy because that movie is awesome!!...before we went to the movie I bought the second book of Inheritance which is 'Eldest' the sequel of 'Eragon'...I bring it to work..can't wait to start reading it...:) I already started reading it,about 60 pages now... :)