Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hey guys, so today I wanna talk about something that I think a lot of people can relate to, which is feeling like you are the only person who thinks about certain thing that way. Okay, maybe not 100% like that, maybe you know that definitely someone out there who thinks about it the same way you do, but it’s just that you have never heard or saw or talk to that person. So at the moment you feel like you’re alone, you might be wrong or weird for thinking that way, but let me tell you, DON’T, you have the right to have your own personal opinion about things.

Just share your opinion if you want to and if other people said or think that you’re wrong or ridiculous or absurd, just screw them. It’s your opinion and it doesn't hurt anyone, so just ignore all those negativity.

And if you feel like you can’t face that kind of respond, so you can just either keep it to yourself or write on your diary or notes or maybe blogging anonymously, but never lose your opinion.

Sometimes those people shut you down because you’re right, your opinion was right and they are just afraid of being wrong. So that’s why they refused to listen or say you’re being ridiculous and shit.

So just believe in what you feel or think and hold on to it because you never know that maybe one day you’ll find someone who thinks exactly...well, maybe not exactly but more or less the same way as you do. Okay, it might not happen the next hour or the next day, maybe it might take 5 or 10 years but trust me, when you found that person, it will be surreal and you’ll be so happy and glad you hold on to your thoughts and what you believe in.

Yes, that person might probably be from thousands of miles away and you can’t see them face to face and talk but that actually much more amazing. Just think about it, someone from so far away have the same thinking as you are, its mind blowing.

And again, you will feel so great when it happen. You’ll probably cry...tears of joy...

So, I wanna wrap up today’s post by saying, don’t be afraid to have your own opinion (unless it’s a scary one, then yes, you should be afraid), you don’t have to follow what other people think or feel, be your own self.

So today I wanna be one of the people who want to know your opinion. Do have an opinion or thought that no one seems to care? Have you found the person who has the same thoughts as you are? If you did, is it someone who lives near to you or is it someone from the other side of the world?

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