Friday, January 6, 2012


Yesterday,I watched the movie by myself...I watched 'Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol',that movie is awesome,love the score....BTW,I will not review about this movie because there's not much to say,it's an amazing movie,the score and the effect is incredible...that's all..and it's kinda awesome watching movies offend A and S...LOL..other thing is,I bought a new novel 'Eragon' by Christopher's also a trilogy novel and this is the first,I just feel like reading it but I want to finish reading 'Robinson Crusoe' first... :) Ok,I'm done reading 'Robinson Crusoe',overall it's ok but kinda boring...LOL

Yesterday before I went to bed,I was thinking about...relationship...for the past 19 years of my life,I never had a,will I have a relationship??Or I was meant to be single forever???but I guess,it's impossible for me to be in a relationship with especially face like know what the other problem is??I have no one to talk to about this....I mean,I can't talk to my best friends because it's a bit weird,we guys don't talk like that to other guys,right???Or should we??I can't talk to my family,this is too personal to be share with family and I can't talk to my internet friends because these stuff,we have to talk face to face so that we know their,I just have to talk to myself or blog it here eventhough I know no one would respond...but you know what,I'm not gonna whine about it,I'm just gonna wait and keep looking until I got it.. :) Hey,guess what,'It' also watch 'M.I:Ghost Protocol'...hahahaha 'It' also said that the movie is awesome.. :P OMG tomorrow is the day but I'm not saying that I'm sure that something will happen tomorrow..I'm just saying that we would just be prepare because we never know what might or might not happen,right???..Hopefully nothing bad will happen tomorrow...