Thursday, November 10, 2011


I already met 2 former of my work place,meaning the person before  me.The first one is a Chinese guy,older than me,I think...I met him a couple of weeks ago.He came in and I was alone because my boss went out for dinner.I thought he was just a customer.He asked me to fix his glasses..I didn't know how to do it.So he said "Never mind,just let me do it"he said in a good way...but I just called my boss and told him is it ok if the customer wants to fix his own frame??....My boss was a bit surprised but he said ok...Then,when my boss got back,he was still here,still trying to fix his frame(he doesn't know how to do it either)..So my boss fix it for him.After he left,my boss told me that he used to work here...After that,I saw him a few times.He came with his family because they wanted to make a new pair of glasses for his brother and sister.He was kinda ok,a bit friendly but not very good looking,just white skin and slightly tough body...but you know what,last week he came again and this time with his girlfriend(I think)...surprise???Me too.... LOL..And on the same day,I met with the second ex-worker but he's Malay,dark skin,darker than me I think and also not very good looking...He came in and as usual,I thought he was a customer,BTW,i was typing at that time.....So,as he came in,my boss said "Hi",well not really "Hi",more like "Hey"...and he(the ex-worker)was speaking in English,pretty well,so I thought...then as they were speaking in English and that guy was speaking in a broken English,very broken LOL but at least he speaks in a language that I understand rather than the other guy,he speaks in Chinese,just 2 or 3 words were in English...I heard that my boss was asking him if he want to work here again(when he's free)but that guy said he will be busy because of something....I didn't really hear what they were talking about because I was typing and I'm controlling myself not to laugh at the way he was talking....He stayed here for a couples of minutes but we didn't say any word,I didn't actually look at him...I don't know if he thinks I'm a snob.It's just that I don't know what to say to him,he didn't say anything to me too...Then,after a while,he left because he needs to study.I think his either same age as me or younger,I don't know.....


'It' didn't reply to me....I checked's a bit bomer but I'm not I said maybe 'it's' busy...and I'm just not gonna be sad or something,I'm gonna focus on myself now...There's another bad news...I still haven't receive my salary...maybe today,in cash....hopefully.....Yea!!!! I already got my salary!!!..LOL....Btw,yesterday me and my sisters went out for a supper @McD....It's midnight,so I was full and sleepy....we were talking bout something but I didn't remember,it was a funny thing though,so I laugh,really laugh,tears went out of my eyes...It was crazy but great because I never had that kind of laugh for a long time.....

Yesterday I asked A if he would want to go watch a movie today....I asked S,but he didn't reply.A said he's ok with that but he think S might not agree...So,I texted A again and asked him if he got any news from S...but he didn't reply yet.....we just have to wait.....We are going out tonight!!!but we haven't decide what movie should we watch...this is gonna be fun!! :) ....S was driving his sister's car and he accidentally hit the divider in front of my shop...I was shocked but it happened before I got in,they were just arrived to pick me up...but don't worry,they are all ok...A was feeling so guilty(as usual LOL)because he was suppose to be driving that car,and I was feeling guilty too(a bit LOL)because I was the one who asked them to go out with me..but after that,everything was ok...because A was driving...hahahaha though he was a bit panic.....hahahahaha...So we watched 'In Time'.....that movie was awesome!!.....Quote "Don't waste my time" LOL

I woke up late than usual but I still make it to work on time... :) Well,I had a small fight  but just for a few minutes with the girl that I mentioned in "MY DIARY (2)" because I asked her why she's always changing topics but you know what,she didn't answer.....I apologised to her,she's not mad anymore and I also get the answer that's been in my head....the answer is,she likes Chinese guy or Chinese look,which is way different from the way I look....Don't worry,I'm not frustrated about it...I'm not even sure if I want us to be a couple....So now I know and I don't have to worry if I found someone else.... :) I know I'm suppose to be sad,but I don't...I don't know why but I feel that mean I'm cruel????

I spent almost half of my day texting with her...lets just put her as 'G'...we talked mostly about out future,not as a couple...just in education.It's great to have a girl-friend like that...I actually have a few girl-friends that I met online...I will tell about them but not now...but of course not as great as my best friends....sincerely... :)

Tomorrow is Eid Day but it's not like the one we celebrated 2 months ago.This one we call it as 'Hari Raya Aidiladha'..the previous one we call it as 'Hari Raya Aidilfitri'..So tomorrow is also my day off...Yea!!but I'm not gonna go online because it's a celebration day of course....LOL.BTW,my sis and i plan to buy a broadband at home but we haven't figure out when we want to buy it...but hopefully soon...

First of all,I want to say I'm sorry for not updating my blog yesterday because I went out with my BFFs but don't worry because from now on,I will update my blog everyday because we already bought a broadband!!!!!!!......but if I have a chance to online because I'm busy with work...This afternoon,A texted me but I left my phone at home and I read it when I went back for my break,H texted me and said that he wants to talk about I texted him back and said "Ok,sure"..but until now,he still not replying my text...I wonder what does he wants to talk about....BTW,I have finished typing our customer's details,thanked God...hopefully I will not have to type it again....A texted me tonight,saying that he'll call me after I got off work..which is another 30 minutes.....God,I'm so nervous right now.........Fiuh,it was actually nothing,he was asking me about contact lens because we didn't finish our discussion yesterday..... :)

I did something stupid...I write to 'it' again...I don't know why I did's so stupid...but hopefully 'it' reply though....hahahahaha...



This week,I will be reviewing the movie 'In Time'.....Overall this movie is awesome but it's kinda like modern Robin Hood meet Bonnie and Clyde...except it's modern day and not really about money and a bit of comedy...I like the score,it's great....The cast was amazing,they have Justin Timberlake,Amanda Seyfried,Alex Pettyfer,Olivia Wilde,Matt Bomer and few others....So,the conclusion is,it's worthy if u spend your time and time....I mean time and money(LOL)to watch this movie...but of course,it's just my opinion.... :)