Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hey guys! What’s up?

So actually I just got back from watching Spider-Man Homecoming for the 3rd times.

Please don’t judge me.

It’s just that the movie soooo awesome!

Anyway, that’s not the topic I’m about to share this week. This weekend I wanna write about of the most amazing, surreal experience I had so far, or probably ever.

As some of you might already know, I met Ansel Elgort earlier this week.

So now, I’m gonna tell you all how I met him.

As you all know, Ansel Elgort’s new movie ‘Baby Driver’ is out in cinemas right now, so of course, he’s doing a tour for the movie’s premiere.

But I didn’t know he will come to Malaysia for the premiere.

Let’s be honest, there wasn’t any Hollywood star came to Malaysia....or maybe there was but like ages ago.

So yeah, it never even crosses my mind that he would be here.

On Sunday, I was looking (aka stalking) at his Instagram and I saw he posted a story saying “Singapore to Malaysia” and I went ballistic...well, not really but I did freaked out.

And since I saw that, I straight away look for the location and time for the premiere.

I found out it was the next day and at the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur but the time was still unknown.

So what I did was, which is something I’m not very proud of but I had to do it because it was a once in a lifetime chance, I told my boss that I was sick and that I couldn’t come to work.

*covering my face with a pillow*

Again, please don’t judge me.

So long story short, I was at the venue at about 4pm because I thought the event at 5pm, though later I found out it was at 9pm but since people was already started gathering at the entrance of the red (or more like pink) carpet, I had to wait there too or I will never get the chance to be at the front row.

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that I was with one of my sister because she’s also a fan.

Fast forward to about 3 and half hours later, which my legs were starting to feel numb and swollen a bit for standing too long, Ansel Elgort finally arrived and all the fans went ballistic, like literally.

To be honest, he was very handsome, his skin was white and flawless and not mention so tall.

Everyone there was starting screaming his name and taking pictures with until he finally came near me. I did the one thing that I know I have to do, otherwise I might not be able to take a picture with him, and so I pulled his arm closer to me and...HE FREAKING SAID “WHAT’S UP, MAN?” TO ME! , which is so crazy, though at that time I wasn’t care about it so much because I need to take a photo with him and when I finally about to click the snap button, this fat guy who was standing next to me, pulled his hand away from me, thus my selfie with Ansel became blurry, I was so pissed off, I wish I punch him on the face but that fat guy left afterwards. What an asshole.

Luckily I managed to take a photo of Ansel with Edgar for a close distance.

Anyway, when think about it, I had a chance to be close to him and he talked to me, even though just a sentence, but it was actually more than I expected, but I did hope for it, I was expecting that maybe I could only get to see him far away, but standing next to him, is an amazing experience.

BTW, I should tell you all that for a split second, I was being like a complete fangirl because my legs were shaking right after that moment.


I should also tell you that for the whole time I was standing there, I didn’t drink any water, hence I was kinda sorta dehydrated by the time the event ends.

But anyway, it’s so surreal to meet him.

And thanks Ansel Elgort for being such a nice and friendly person.

I wish one day we could meet again in a more proper way.

So that’s all for this week, I hope you enjoy reading my experience and please be jealous...haha...just kidding.

This week I wanna know, were any of you there at the event? Or if you have met him, when and where was it? Or just share your story if you have any celebrities that you like.

Leave your opinion on the comment section below. Share this post so Ansel can see it. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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