Saturday, December 30, 2017


Hey guys! It’s me!

So, in like a couple of days, we’ll be in 2018!


To be honest, I’m both scared and excited at the same time. I’m scared because I feel I didn’t accomplish much this year, big or small, but I’m excited because it’s a new year and I’ll have a whole entire year for a chance to accomplish more things.

Anyway, that is not the topic I wanted to share with you all this week. It is something entirely different. And this time, I have to give credits to one of the most popular Youtuber, Mr. Connor Franta for indirectly giving me the idea to do this post. So as return, I'll share the link to his Youtube channel.

So, without wasting anytime, let’s start, the things that shouldn’t be in 2018.

1.       Jaywalker.
I’m not suggesting that there shouldn’t be a pedestrian in 2018; it’s just those people who walk as if there’s no other vehicle on the road. And they cross the street with ever so gently, thinking like there’s no car or motorbike, when in fact they can see the vehicle coming. I mean, come on, can’t you see the different between a car and a rhino? If a rhino, yes, you can walk as slow as you want because rhinos are slow too, but it’s a car for God sake.

2.       Horrible drivers
Related to the road topic, are the horrible drivers. I think the country could use some peace on the road in 2018. Just let those horrible drivers in this year. BTW, I just remembered something Barney Stinson said, “Chinese can’t drive”....haha...Though most of the things that came out of his mouth are ridiculous, but I have to agree with him on that matter.

3.       Petrol price
I know this might sounds stupid because this is actually involving a few countries, but can we just stop this ‘Price change every week’ thing and to not do bring it to 2018? Because to be honest, it’s not really helpful.

4.       Annoying video
Oh my God! Can we just leave all those annoying video trend in 2017? It’s funny how annoying people can be and it’s “amazing” how millions of people watched it. Like, really? Sometimes the video is so annoying, until it looks stupid. I’m not trying to be all snobby, but I don’t watch that kind of videos, my sisters did. So let’s just let the trend die in 2017.

5.       Bad movies
Some people might not agree with me because for them those bad movies could be entertaining.  I can accept if the main subject or the technology of the movie is not so good, though it’s highly possibly I might not watch, but there are some movies that are very, very bad, like the actors were poorly cast, the plot of the story wasn’t well arranged, the quality of the movie was more like a TV movie instead of a big screen movie, and the list goes on and on. So let’s leave it in 2017.

6.       Expensive public transport fare
Lastly, this. Can the government just stop the “trend” of increasing the public transport fare in this year? I mean, how can the people use the public transport when the expenses are more than driving their own car or motorbike? So let’s make 2018 the year when the fare stop increasing. J

So, that’s all I got for you guys this week. I guess I’ll write again next year.

Have a great holiday guys!

This week I wanna know what else am I missing on this post? What are your holiday plans?

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Love Always,

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Sunday, December 24, 2017


Hey guys! How you doing?

So initially this week, I wanted to write about something else but since I went to the movie the other day so I thought I do what I have I always done after watching a movie, besides being completely shook, is that I make a review about it!

So as some of you might already know that on Thursday, I went to the movie or

*pronounce it in British accent*

you call it cinema if you’re British

And I.....watched....’Star Wars: The Last Jedi’!

*Queue in the Star Wars theme song*

Okay, here we go.

But before that, a gentle reminder, as always, that I can’t really tell much because then it will be a spoiler, blah, blah, blah....

The plot/storyline
 All I can say is that it was well written. It really gets your attention the whole time, not a second that you might turn your head anywhere other than the screen.  And the action was from the beginning till end, so you’ll be at the edge of your seat almost the whole time. That’s all I can say because if I share more that I’m worry it might spoil it for you.

The casts/characters
As you know the cast is the same and of course there’s Mike Hamill as Luke Skywalker. I think what makes this movie great is because of how the character’s storyline was, it’s not boring or particularly cliché. You’ll understand when you watch it, maybe. And of course, there are some cameos which I didn’t expect, but was so awesome.

The score/soundtrack
Well, to be honest there wasn’t any particular score or soundtrack that really interest me...haha...or I don’t know if I was too caught up on the story, that I didn’t pay any attention to the score. If you have any, let me know on the comments below.

So, that’s all I can review this week. I know it’s not much but I can’t share much or else it’ll be a spoiler and I might get sued.

Let me know if you agree with me or don’t or if you have something you wanna add on, let me know.

Leave your opinion on the comment section below. Share this post to those who have or haven’t watched it. And follow BATC for more post like this.

Love Always,

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Saturday, December 2, 2017


Hey guys!

What’s up?

How’s life?

How are your parents?

What you been doing lately?

Just ignore my question, I’m just being crazy.

So, this week I’m going to share some tips regarding how you can reduce your anger aka how can you cool off your temper, but this tips are not for permanent affect, it cannot make you not be a temper mental person. You know what I mean.

I should tell you guys that this tips might work because it’s coming from a person who was labelled (and probably still is) a bad temper, which is me and also some that I found online.

So here we go.

1.       Drink cold water....or if it’s not working, just splash it to your face.

2.       Take a deep breath.  Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

3.       Isolate yourself. Maybe you could go for a walk or a run, anything you do, just stay away from the situation or the area that causes your anger.

4.       Think about or do things that make you happy and forgot about your anger, but make sure it’s not something dangerous, reckless,  or in short, that could harm you or anyone around you.

5.       Take a nap or if it’s already at night, just go to sleep. It might work for you because it worked for me, though it’s a bit of a challenge because you have to push away your thoughts in order for you to sleep.

6.       Count to 10....or 50...or 100...or maybe 1,000....which every helps you from doing or saying something harmful.

7.       Talk to someone. If you have a supportive friends or family member, give them a call and ask for their advice or just simply share how you feel.

8.       Or, you could just write it on your blog, but avoid being specific because it might backfire to you in the future....haha.

So, that’s all the tips I can give to you, though I know there are plenty more but I’m too lazy to write it down.

This week, I wanna know what are your tips on anger management?

Leave your opinion on the comments below. Share this post if you have a friend or family or acquaintance who also is a hot temper. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Hi guys, it’s me.

This time I’m just gonna jump to the topic.

As I re-watched ‘You’ve Got Mail’ the other day, I wondered about something.

For those who don’t know what ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is, it is a wonderful romantic comedy movie starring Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly and Tom Hanks as Joe Fox with some other casts. The movie is about these 2 characters who have been communicating through emails but they don’t know each other’s real name or face or anything specific. However, in real life they are a rival.

I’m not gonna write the whole plot because that is not the topic that I wanna share. So I suggest you go watch it if you haven’t.

Anyways, the thing that I wondered about the other day was that, is anyone else out there imagine themselves in the same situation as Kathleen & Joe? I mean, not the being a rival in real life and then end up together but the part where 2 complete strangers just sharing thoughts through email without knowing each other’s name or face or anything.

It must be great, right? Sharing what’s going on in your mind with someone who responds without the awkward stare or the I-have-to-not-being-weird kind of feeling. Just write it out and send.

I don’t know, maybe like 10 years ago, it might still work but nowadays people will think you’re a creep if you don’t have a profile picture or social media.

Anyway, yeah, that’s all I wanna let out this week.

If you feel the same way as I do, write it down below.

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Love Always,

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Saturday, November 18, 2017


Hey guys! What’s up?

I’m like 1 and half weeks late because I’ve watched this movie last week, on Wednesday to be exact.

So this week I’ll be reviewing about ‘Thor: Ragnarok’!


I know like almost everyone have watched it, but I’m sharing this to those who haven’t seen it. And maybe some of you who have watched it might agree with me.

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin my review.

1.       Casts/Characters
Of course the casts were amazing. I bow down to Cate Blanchett for portraying Hela amazingly. Chris, Tom, Mark, Jeff Goldblum and other casts were such great actors/actresses. I honestly feel that they are the characters in the movie, like they are not Chris or Tom or Mark. But one question though, where the hell is Lady Sif??

2.       Storyline/Plot
Well, this part is something that I can’t really talk about because I’m worry I might spoiled it for you. But the plot was great, quite simple but understandable and it’s true what some people said about the movie, it is f***ing hilarious!

3.       Score/Soundtrack
This is something that I always look forward on a movie. And though at first I was aspect it to be good because they were sounded kinda like in the 80s but they switch it up a bit and making it so much better. Congrats to the composer (which I don’t remember the name. If any of you know, please comment below).

So, that’s all I have to say about the movie, Thor: Ragnarok.

I highly recommend you all to watch it if you haven’t.

Anyways, till next time.


This week I wanna know what do you think about the movie? Let’s start a healthy debate at the comment below.

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Love Always,

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Saturday, October 28, 2017


Hi guys!

How are you today? Good? Good.

*Me answering my own question because I’m alone*

Anyways, that’s not the topic I wanna write about this week because the title said ‘I should tell you’ but me being alone is something that I don’t have to tell you because you all already know.


What I really want you guys to know is that this month, October 2017, is my last month working at the company (the company that I’ve been working for like almost 2 years now, if you don’t know), but I’m not really resign because my boss wouldn’t let me (not in a dictator way), so the company gave me like a sabbatical leave.

I’m not gonna bore you guys with the reasons why I wanna resign initially but for those who knows me, would know.

However, the company did informed me that since they are not able to hire a new person, they might ask me to come back if they are in desperate need of help, but I will do it remotely.

So, that’s what I wanna share with you all this week.

It’s boring, I know.

I promise I will post something more interesting next time.

Anyway, that’s all for my short post.

Till next time!

This week I wanna know have you ever been in this situation? How many times have you resigned? How you handle it? How your boss handles it?

Leave your answer/opinion in the comment below. Share this post whenever you want to. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hey guys!

What’s up?

I know I’m 2 weeks late on posting this but I was so freaking busy for the last few weeks and probably for the weeks to come, but it might not be after like a couple of weeks :P .

That’s for another post.

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I created Blog Around The Corner (formerly known as My Blog but there’s like millions of blog with the same title, so I decided to change it).
Last year I didn’t write any long “essay” about BATC like previous year, which I wrote how proud I am and bla, bla, bla. So this year I’m planning to write something different but before that, of course a little thank you notes for all you.

Dear viewers,

I wanna say I huge thank you for your support these past years. Thank you for continue viewing, comments and sharing BATC even when there was no update. For example, last week I received 1,000++ views though I didn’t post anything new. So thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Keep viewing, comments and share.

Second thing is, I wanna share you with guys how I’m glad that I created this blog and continue doing it and share about myself (though initially it was about someone else) because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t remember certain things that I definitely will regret not remembering. And that I can see what I was doing while others are doing something else at the same day. I don’t know if you get what I mean...haha...but if you do, congrats! Let’s be buddies... J

Anyway, I just wanna say that I’m glad I created this blog and continue doing it.

And thanks to all of you for your support.

Leave your opinion/wishes in the comments below. Share this post if you want to. And follow BATC for more posts.

Love Always,

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Sunday, September 3, 2017


Happy Eid Adha to everyone who celebrate! Hope you had a great celebration.

Love Always,

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Happy 60th Independence Day to all Malaysian. And plus tomorrow is Eid Adha! Hope you'll have a great long holiday, I'm sure I will.

Love Always,

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Hey guys! How you doing?

So this week I thought I do a Sunday post.

Actually I wasn’t planning to share this here but since it sometimes crosses my mind and I’ll get pissed off about it and wish I had done something worst back at that person, I thought, why not just post it because I realized that when I write what I feel or whatever here, it seems like it had been taken out of my mind and it somehow never crosses my mind anymore.

So, as you all see on the title, that I got cambushed like 1 or 2 months ago.

It started like any other day, it was at night, me and my sisters were watching tv (I can’t remember what we were watching) and suddenly my handphone rang. The call was from another state in Malaysia, I knew it because she (yes, the person was a girl....or maybe I should say, a w****) was calling using her house phone or something. I answered the call because I thought it was maybe my company’s customer or my customer (as some of you might know, I do a part time job by selling simcards).

Click the link below for more info


As soon as I answered it, the first thing that came out of her mouth “Idiot” and she said that she already bank in RM50 to my account but the thing hasn’t arrive blah, blah, blah... I was like, what? And I asked who she was but she didn’t answer, instead she asked me, “This is (I can’t remember the name she mentioned but it start if F if I’m not mistaken, maybe F**ker or something) (and she wasn’t speaking in English obviously) and I was like, no, this is not that person. And the thing is, she didn’t believe me, she said I sell ID card and she already paid for it. Again, I was like, what? ID card? Like what the f***? So I told her, I don’t sell ID card and I’m not that person she’s looking for.

However, she still didn’t believe me, and she continued to curse me with words that I shouldn’t mention here. And before I hang up, she said she wish something bad will happen to me and blah, blah, blah and all I said was, fine.

It was so crazy but kinda hilarious when I think about it because imagine how embarrassing would she be when she found out she was mistaken, but I don’t know if she knows what embarrass means. And I’m sure she wouldn’t know that she was wrong just by reading my blog because obviously she can’t understand.

I know that earlier I wrote that I wished I said something worst to her back, but when I think about it, I’m actually glad I didn’t do it because that’s not who I am and if I did, that means I have lowered my standard to the same level as she is.

So, to that girl, if you’re reading this and somehow you managed to understand, I hope this would be a lesson to you. And maybe you could be less rude because that rudeness will not get you anywhere, and it might even hurt someone, maybe your family (which I’m not sure if you care) or even yourself.

So that’s all I got for you this week, hope you have a great weekend!

This week I wanna know; have you ever experience something like this? How did you dealt with it? Or have you ever mistakenly dialled a wrong number?

Leave your opinion on the comments below. Share this post to someone who experience something similar to this. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Hey guys, how are you?

So this week I’m gonna share with you all what happened 2 weeks ago and why I didn’t post anything during that time.

Please bear with me while reading this if I somewhat sounded too serious or dramatic or ridiculous because to be honest, it’s not easy for me to write.

“Then why would you wanna write?” You ask?

It’s because I think you all should know about this and it’s a big thing....though most of you might already know it from my social media.

Anyway, I should begin my story.....

But before that, just so you know that I’m not gonna write the whole thing from A to Z because I’m getting tired of it because I have been telling it to a lot of people a lot of time.

So this post will mostly be about a summary of what happened.

My dad was admitted to the hospital on 27.8.2017 at about 4 in the morning because the doctors said that he had lung infection. Since my dad is old and his heart is no longer strong, the doctors suggested to using a tube through his throat to help him breath while they try to cure the lungs, but in order to do that, my dad had to be sedated aka deep sleep or more dramatic, coma. So we all agreed, in hope that the treatment will cure my dad’s lungs. However, the doctors did say that there’s a high chance my dad will never wake up. Nevertheless, my siblings and I agreed.

Fast forward to about 30 hours later and the doctors said that my dad wasn’t doing well. The infection was not decreasing.  Anyhow, we still want the treatment to continue.

Fast forward to the next day, it was night time and I was alone with my dad, same as the day before, because visiting hours has ended, so I accompanied my dad while waiting for my brother because my brother was the one who accompanied my dad till morning. On that day, the doctors said my dad looks okay, though the infection was still there, and they planned to feed my dad the next day.

Fast forward to the next, at the time me and 3 of my sisters came to the hospital. My dad heartbeat was suddenly drastically dropping and I, as the only guy in the family there (because my brother was resting at the waiting room) had to deal with the doctor, who finally informed us that our dad had passed away.

At that time I was feeling weak in the knee but luckily my legs were still strong enough to stand. And I was almost choking when I called one of my sister at her workplace to inform that our dad is no longer alive. I guess it is true that when you say it out loud, that event or situation, it sounded so real.

So that was my “brief” story of what happened.

To be honest, it breaks my heart, but a small part of me glad that I had been there for my dad until he was buried. It was me who was in the hurd with him. So yeah, I’m glad about that.

K was there on the day my dad died, her mother, her sister and 2 of our college friends too.

A couldn’t be there because he was at college, preparing for his exam.

S couldn’t be there because he had some important family matter.

But I’m fine about it because even if they’re there, I wouldn’t have time to talk to them.

Anyway, funny thing is, they were worried about me because they think I will keep my feelings to myself like I always do.

Fast forward to present day, I’m feeling much better now but same as my sister, we’re still unable to get used to not seeing our dad around the house.

The reason why I didn’t post anything here is because I honestly didn’t know how to write this. I’m not saying that I’m doing great now but at least I kinda know what to write.

So, that’s all for this week.

Please pray for my dad.

This week I wanna know, have you lost anyone close to you? How did you handle it? Or what advice would you give me to face this?

Leave your opinion in the comment below. Share this post if you want to. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hey guys! What’s up?

So actually I just got back from watching Spider-Man Homecoming for the 3rd times.

Please don’t judge me.

It’s just that the movie soooo awesome!

Anyway, that’s not the topic I’m about to share this week. This weekend I wanna write about of the most amazing, surreal experience I had so far, or probably ever.

As some of you might already know, I met Ansel Elgort earlier this week.

So now, I’m gonna tell you all how I met him.

As you all know, Ansel Elgort’s new movie ‘Baby Driver’ is out in cinemas right now, so of course, he’s doing a tour for the movie’s premiere.

But I didn’t know he will come to Malaysia for the premiere.

Let’s be honest, there wasn’t any Hollywood star came to Malaysia....or maybe there was but like ages ago.

So yeah, it never even crosses my mind that he would be here.

On Sunday, I was looking (aka stalking) at his Instagram and I saw he posted a story saying “Singapore to Malaysia” and I went ballistic...well, not really but I did freaked out.

And since I saw that, I straight away look for the location and time for the premiere.

I found out it was the next day and at the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur but the time was still unknown.

So what I did was, which is something I’m not very proud of but I had to do it because it was a once in a lifetime chance, I told my boss that I was sick and that I couldn’t come to work.

*covering my face with a pillow*

Again, please don’t judge me.

So long story short, I was at the venue at about 4pm because I thought the event at 5pm, though later I found out it was at 9pm but since people was already started gathering at the entrance of the red (or more like pink) carpet, I had to wait there too or I will never get the chance to be at the front row.

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that I was with one of my sister because she’s also a fan.

Fast forward to about 3 and half hours later, which my legs were starting to feel numb and swollen a bit for standing too long, Ansel Elgort finally arrived and all the fans went ballistic, like literally.

To be honest, he was very handsome, his skin was white and flawless and not mention so tall.

Everyone there was starting screaming his name and taking pictures with until he finally came near me. I did the one thing that I know I have to do, otherwise I might not be able to take a picture with him, and so I pulled his arm closer to me and...HE FREAKING SAID “WHAT’S UP, MAN?” TO ME! , which is so crazy, though at that time I wasn’t care about it so much because I need to take a photo with him and when I finally about to click the snap button, this fat guy who was standing next to me, pulled his hand away from me, thus my selfie with Ansel became blurry, I was so pissed off, I wish I punch him on the face but that fat guy left afterwards. What an asshole.

Luckily I managed to take a photo of Ansel with Edgar for a close distance.

Anyway, when think about it, I had a chance to be close to him and he talked to me, even though just a sentence, but it was actually more than I expected, but I did hope for it, I was expecting that maybe I could only get to see him far away, but standing next to him, is an amazing experience.

BTW, I should tell you all that for a split second, I was being like a complete fangirl because my legs were shaking right after that moment.


I should also tell you that for the whole time I was standing there, I didn’t drink any water, hence I was kinda sorta dehydrated by the time the event ends.

But anyway, it’s so surreal to meet him.

And thanks Ansel Elgort for being such a nice and friendly person.

I wish one day we could meet again in a more proper way.

So that’s all for this week, I hope you enjoy reading my experience and please be jealous...haha...just kidding.

This week I wanna know, were any of you there at the event? Or if you have met him, when and where was it? Or just share your story if you have any celebrities that you like.

Leave your opinion on the comment section below. Share this post so Ansel can see it. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Hey guys!

This week I’m gonna review a new movie that I’ve just watched.

Some of you might already know what movie is it, if you follow my Instagram or Twitter.

It’s a new movie, a movie that I’ve wanted to watch for like months.

You got it; it’s Spider-Man Homecoming!


Before I begin my review, I should tell for those who don’t know, that I’m a big Spider-Man fan, though I never read the comic, but I will one day, but I like all Spider-Man movies. And no, I’m not gonna be bias and yes, I will genuinely review it.

So, here we go!

1.       The casts + characters
I know Tom Holland, not personally but through a few movies that he acted. And honestly.... I’m scared to say....I wasn’t his big fan (#nohateplease) but I do like his acting in The Impossible, it was great. Nevertheless, I did look forward to see him play Spider-Man and when I saw him in Captain America: Civil War, it made me even more intrigue to watch Spider-Man Homecoming. To be honest, I think now I’m becoming one of his big fan because he portrayed Peter Parker so amazingly. So yeah, he did a great job. I feel like a proud father...haha.
Zendaya’s character in the movie is so interesting, a bit mysterious and more or less funny. The character really suite her.
Michael Keaten also did a great job portraying The Vulture and, I’m just gonna tell you a glimpse, there is a scene between him and Tom Holland that gave me the creeps, and I think it’s because how good Michael Keaton was at playing a villain.

2.       The plot
I can’t say much on this matter because this is a movie review not movie spoiler....duuhhh... And also since I know a lot of people haven’t watch it since it’s new in the cinema. However, I can say that the story line and plot twist (I guess) was pretty amazing. And of course, since it’s a Marvel movie, there are some funny scenes, but really genuinely funny, not like in an annoying way or something.

3.       The score
Actually I don’t think I have any favourite score in the movie because I’m pretty sure I didn’t focus much to the music because I was paying attention to the story. Maybe when I watch it again, I might realize them.

I think that’s all I could say about the movie, though I actually have so much more to write and to tell about the scenes where I think was amazing but I don’t wanna spoil it for you and I don’t wanna be sued or condemned by anyone.

But I should tell you this, the ending was pretty shocking, I really didn’t see it coming, but it was great, totally unexpected.

So that’s all I got for you guys this week.

I hope you enjoy my short review.

Tell me what you think about the movie? If you haven’t watched it, who are you planning to watch it with? If you’re not planning to watch, I suggest you should.

Leave your opinion in the comment section below. Share this post to your friend, family, cats, etc. And follow BATC for more posts.

Love Always,

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Saturday, July 1, 2017


Hey guys, what’s up?

Sorry for not updating/posting anything last week because I was f***ing busy with preparation for the Eid Fitri.

Mentioning that, since we are still in the celebration period, I would like to wish HAPPY EID FITRI to everyone! Hope you had a great celebration.

Anyway, back to this week’s topic.

And yes, I’m almost to 20,000 page views!

Oh my God!


I know that for some people 20k is just a small amount compare to their hundred thousands, millions page view, but for me personally, I’m so excited about it and can’t appreciate enough to all of you and not to mention that now I’m getting a lot more comments, thanks again guys!.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy about this because I think it was more than a year ago since I’ve reached 10k and 15k.

But I don’t really plan on doing anything for 20k page views....or maybe I will, I don’t know, we’ll see.

To be honest, this really makes me smile and I can’t wait to have more page views in the near future.

So, that’s all I wanna share about this week and I’ll write a longer speech once I’ve reach 20,000.

Oh, 1 more exciting news!

I’m gonna watch Spider-man Homecoming next week!

So excited.

Anyway, this week I just want to know whether you guys are going to watch Spider-man Homecoming or not? And if you will, who are you going with?

And also, please keep on viewing my blog until we get even higher page views.


Leave your opinion on the comments below. Share this post and help me gain more page views and comments and followers. And follow BATC for more posts.

Love Always,

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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Hey guys! What’s up?

First of all I would like to say that I’m so excited that next week is Eid Fitri!


*Running around my room*

So anyway, I feel like I haven’t post anything that is more towards a beneficial topic, previously I just wrote about what I think or what’s going on with my life, which has probably bored you guys.

So this week, I’m back with a new topic.

Signs a guy doesn’t like you, but not necessarily hate....just doesn’t like you or means that they don’t like you more than a friend.

Before I begin, I should tell you that strictly from my personal experience and observation, so it doesn’t mean all guys will act the same or showing the same signs.

Anyway, without wasting any time by letting you read my meaningless sentences, let’s begin with

1.        If the guy doesn’t initiate the conversation.
Girls, if a guy doesn’t text you or call you first and you are the one who have to start the conversation, there’s a high chance that he doesn’t like you. If a guy likes you, he would send you like a good morning text or something.

2.       Related to that, if the guy is not being personal.
When the guy is having a conversation with you and he’s not being personal like, he don’t really talk about his day or he didn’t remember the first time he met you,hmmm...that sounds like he doesn’t like.

3.       If the guy is avoiding you or always says he’s busy.
When you want to meet him or something and keep  on saying he’s busy and he’s not replying to your text or phone calls, that kinda shows that he doesn’t like you. Well, maybe he might really is busy but if he said he’s busy too often, that could be because he doesn’t like because if he does, we would stop what he’s doing and go bungee jumping with you...

I don’t know why I choose bungee jumping.

But yeah, he would want to spend more time with you.

4.       Keeping his distance
I don’t mean avoiding you, it’s more to he’s not touchy with you. If a guy likes you he would want to be close to you, like maybe hug you or put his hand around you or anything in between.  Okay, he might not be touchy with because he’s afraid you might be embarrassed when people labelling you guys as a couple but mostly it’s because he doesn’t like you.

5.       If the guy calls you with masculine names
When the guy calls you bro or dude or any other masculine name, you are definitely in the friend zone. My advice to you, go find another guy.

6.       If he flirts with other girl.
If the guy is talking to you and suddenly he saw another girl passing by and he said ‘Woah, that’s my future wife right there’. That’s definitely means he doesn’t like you. Honestly, if I like a girl, I would give 100% of my attention to her and I’m sure most guys are like that too.

7.       He’s not single.
If the guy is either seeing someone, dating someone or engaged to someone or married to someone, there’s a high chance he doesn’t really like you. Well in my opinion he shouldn’t have because then that means he’s cheating.

Go die or something, cheater!

Now I’m being emotional.

So that’s all for this week. I hope these signs have somehow help clear some things for you, even if just by clearing up your throat....haha...

I’m funny.

*Self five*

So this week, I wanna know if there’s other sign that I’ve missed out? Have you had any experience related to this week topics?

Leave your opinion in the comment below. Share this post if it helps you or you wanna clear things up to someone. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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Monday, June 12, 2017


Hey guys! It’s me, Zac.

So as some of you already know, earlier this week was my birthday.


Happy Birthday to me!

I’m so alone..... L

But this week I’m not gonna talk about how lonely I am but it’s about my birthday.

So my birthday was on Tuesday, 6th June 2017, if you don’t know.

Earlier last week I told my sister that I know that will somehow forget that the next week is my birthday because a few weeks ago I was super busy with work until I forgot what date of the day.

Yes, that’s how dedicated worker I am.

So fast forward to a few days later, I was completely not aware of the date until a day before, my sister told me that tomorrow is my birthday.

Suddenly I feel like this story is completely boring because that’s all there is.

Sorry for letting you read this horrible post.

Anyway, though I forgot about my birthday but a bunch of you didn’t. So I wanna take this chance to say thank you to my family for the wishes and the cake, my best friends for your wishes and for supporting me after all this time, my friends and everyone who took time to send me those wishes. I really appreciate it. Honestly I didn’t expect to receive a birthday from people I don’t know, I really feel thankful for it. J

For those who don’t know, I’m 25 years old this year....

I’m so old... L

So usually people would share what they’ve achieved in their 25 years but I decided not to do that because I don’t have any big accomplishment yet and previous years I have share about what I’ve learnt in my years of growing up, so this time I’m just gonna skip that.

I should tell you guys that I might delay on posting this because this weekend I’ll be busy, so sorry in advance.

That’s all for this week.

So this week I wanna know, have you experienced what I’ve experienced? When is your birthday? How was your birthday?

Leave your opinion (or birthday wishes  :P ) on the comments below. Share this post if you want to. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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