Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hey guys, I’m here again with a new topic. A topic that is related to all guys in this world...the only different would be either you agree with me or not. Honestly, I’m not sure whether I’ve blog about this before or not, but I don’t give a f***, I’m just gonna blog it.

Girl-friend vs Girlfriend. Girl-friend means your friend or best friend that is a girl and girlfriend means the person that you’re seeing, going on a date, your love and you dot, dot, dot *wink* and is a girl.

So basically what I wanna write today is the different between girl-friend and girlfriend. These includes how you (guys) need to draw a line on how you treat your girl-friend and how you treat your girlfriend. Other than that, I’m also doing this so that other people will stop thinking that when a guy have a girl-friend means that they are dating (I mean, come on!). I’m probably not the best person to talk about this since I’ve never been in a relationship but I’ve made observation.

1.  Phone call/ text message:
When making a phone call or texting a message or Whatsapp or anything in between, you don’t have to text your girl-friend first if you don’t have anything to say, just let them text you first. And you don’t have to feel bad if they’re mad at you for not texting them first. That is something that I don’t understand about girls sometimes, they expect their guy friend to text them first every time, even if that guy doesn’t know what to talk about.

While for girlfriend, try to text them first, even if to just say Good Morning. It will make them happy, trust me. But DON’T TEXT THEM TOO MUCH, you’ll suffocate them. When receiving a phone call from your girlfriend, try to answer them, even if it’s 3 in the morning. Just answer them because if you don’t they’ll just be mad at you. Plus, if you do, you’ll be label the sweetest boyfriend ever..yeay!.

2.  Walking:
When walking with your girl-friend, try not to touch them so much, don’t hold their hands or put your arm on their shoulders or anything in between because A) you will make your girl-friend thinks you like her more than a friend, B) you’ll be giving an impression to other people that you two are a couple. So, keep your distance.

When walking with your girlfriend, you can do the opposite of what I wrote above. But not too much or you’ll be labelled as a pervert (sinner!).

3.  Presents:
I love presents!!! Well, we’re not talking about me.
So presents, when you want to give a present to your girl-friend, try not to give them flowers or a teddy bear holding a heart shaped pillow or something that says ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re special’ or ‘I miss you’ or ‘To the special one’ or shits like that, because again A) you will make your girl-friend thinks you like her more than a friend, B) other people will think you’re in love with them and you’re a couple. So nooh, DON’T GIVE THEM A ROMANTIC PRESENTS. Give them a presents like a photo frame (without any of those love quotes) or a notebook or...I don’t know, anything that you might give to your sister or something.

However, when you’re giving a present to your girlfriend, you can either give all those stereotypes gifts or find a present that describe them or something that they really love. Or you can make something from the bottom of your heart, instead of just buying things, unless if your girlfriend is a materialistic then you’ll need to give them like handbags or clothes and shit.

So, I guess that’s the 3 main points of the girl-friend vs girlfriend that I wanted to share. There’s more but I ain’t got time to write all of it. So until next time!

Today I wanna know whether you agree with me or not? If you don’t, let me know your thoughts. And you can also add any points that I have missed out regarding the different between girl-friend and girlfriend.

Leave your opinion on the comments below. Share this post with your friends or family to make things clear (if your friend or family thinks you’re dating your girl-friend).  And follow BATC for more post.

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