Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hey guys! What’s up? So this week I’m gonna list down a few perks of not being on the spotlight. First of all I wanna say, it’s been raining here almost every day! I kinda like it but it makes my outdoor activities limited.

Like I have a lot....hahahahahaha...

Anyway, I know most of people would list down the perks of being ON THE SPOTLIGHT but I’m doing the opposite. I’m not sure whether you guys get the reference ‘on the spotlight’ or not. For those who do get it, congrats!

*clapping* *fireworks*

For those who don’t, let me explain to you. Being on the spotlight meaning, people know you, people say hi to you when they saw you, teachers/lecturers will give attention to you and talk to other teachers/lecturers about you behind your back (not in a bad way), people wanna be friends with you, etc.

So, since I think it’s safe for me to say that I’ve been on and off the spotlight throughout my life so far, and experienced both situations, I feel like sharing the benefits of not being the centre of attention.

So to those who are not on the spotlight, you should read this.

Let’s go!

Perks of not being on the spotlight.
1)     You don’t have to care what other people think about you.
Since they’re already not paying attention to you and probably don’t even know of your existence, you can just do whatever. You can do anything that you like or wear any clothes you want because you don’t have to give a shit about what they think.

2)      Safe from being call Teacher’s pet.
Teachers/lecturers will not call your name to answer a question or wipe the white board or mentioned your name in class or use your name for a Math questions. Therefore, no one can call you a teacher’s pet and you can just be friends with anyone you like.

3)      You can be wherever you want.
If you’re on the spotlight, people will want you to be at the same place as they are or expect you to be at a certain place because if you are at a place where they didn’t expect you to be, they will freak out and the news will spread through the entire school.
However, when you’re not on the spotlight, you can just go anywhere without people looking at you and judging you (even though they still might) but you don’t have to worry about the news spreading because it won’t.

4)      You don’t need to have 2 social media accounts.
When you’re not on the spotlight, you don’t have to worry about your friend saw you update something on your social media and talk about them with your other school mates. You can just let them follow/add you without have to worry about anything. Therefore, you don’t have to create another account just so that your school/college friends can follow/add you and you have to pretend to only update something clever or nice.

Okay, that’s all I got for this week. I know I’m missing a few more but whatever.

Until next time!

If you guys know other points that I’m missing, leave it the comment section below. And tell me whether you are on or off the spotlight? Are these perks related to you? Or that this post helps you in anyway?

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