Thursday, August 9, 2012

MY DIARY (124)

I had fun yesterday,shopping for Eid day,went to Ramadan bazaar and slept in the afternoon,which exhausted me,I feel like I can sleep the whole day..I give baldy the letter on Sunday,before I went home...It went well,it went too well till I feel guilty for lying to him..but it's done and he already stick the sign for vacancy..According to the letter,I'll be leaving on 5th of September but I told baldy that if he couldn't find anyone to replace me by that day,I will stay until he found one or until  15th September,which is the day I'll leave to "college"..I feel kinda sad to leave this job,not just that it's a great job but if it's not because I'm working here,I wouldn't find 'Inheritance Cycle',which is now become my favorite books and if it's not because for this job,I wouldn't find something that makes me smile at night.. :)