Friday, May 1, 2015


Okay,I'm just gonna tell you all straight away,Y read this blog...surprised?so am I...I'm gonna tell you the whole details because it will be crazily all I'm gonna share is that she found out about this blog but I don't know how and she refused to tell me and she said about this in front of one of my lecturer but luckily,there were only 3 of us in that room...the thing is,she was telling me this because she was sad because I wrote that she was using me last semester...she said she cried when she read first,I was shocked because it was sort of like an ambushed but after that,I managed to cope with that and when did some heart to heart talk(sorta) and I told her what I felt about her and we talked again some more this afternoon before I went home since today is the last day of class...this was unexpected because I planned to end this semester in a different,simple way...but this did happened but we both got to explain everything regarding this misunderstanding,she said the reason why she didn't text me was because she didn't wanna mess up my head for texting so much...I was actually fine with that because it was in the past but I did feel mad at her because she read my blog and she told me about,I feel like where else am I suppose to share what I think about or feel besides with my best friends?but then I realized,what the hell,I'm gonna keep on updating even though I know she might be reading itso,long story short,we apologized to each other and we decided to just be friends...and now we're okay.... :) oh I forgot to tell you,she have a boyfriend now...I hope he will be nice to her and take good care of her... :) and Y,if you're reading this,I wanna say thank you for increasing my pageviews,keep on visiting my blog and maybe you could leave some comment too... :) I also wanna say that my lecturer,who knew about this,she is awesome because she gave us a great advices and she understand these whole thing and she didn't think I was being childish...So,we're back to being friends,though Y said she's scared to ask me to help her out with her studies,which is to me is completely ridiculous...but yeah,we're alright... :)

P/S: sorry if I was kinda bitter to you(Y) this afternoon.