Saturday, March 8, 2014


I'm still at my new house,still haven't gone to pick the voucher thing because my friend,the one whose been helping driving us to college(but I pay for the gas sometimes),is not yet ready to go,probably still sleeping...I don't wanna text him and ask him when he's gonna go to college and stuff because I still feel kinda guilty about what happened yesterday when I asked him if he wanna go out with us,so that we could his car along with one of my girl friend's car but he said he don't wanna go because he doesn't have any yeah,I feel guilty about it because it sounded like I'm using him...The voucher thing started at 9.30 am and now it's 11 am and one of my friend whose already at college said that more and more students are,I don't know at what time we are going and at what time I'll be home.I tried to call a taxi but unfortunately none is available...You know what,I think I know one of the reason why I said I miss my first and second semester,it's because at that time,I don't really relay on anyone,I didn't have to wait for anyone else if I wanna go to college,I could just go by myself whenever I wanna go...I can try to do that now but there's a lot of money to pay and sometimes things don't allow it to happen...Done with the voucher thing and now I'm on my way home...:)...I kinda sort it out with my friend about the guilty thing but he was actually cool about it,I was just being over reacted...haha...