Saturday, April 13, 2013



This week is a busy week for me and my classmates.I have 2 quizzes tomorrow,a presentation,which I have to act(though it’s kinda exciting)on Wednesday and I have a report to do...”amazing”..OMG!!something surprising happened.You see,my plan was that I want to know the time table for my next semester and see if it’s not too crowded,I don’t want to stay in the hostel,I want to travel from my house to college because I still don’t feel comfortable staying here.So,I thought that my plan is a good plan but I just found out this afternoon that we have to decide whether to stay at the hostel or not before this Friday.. “awesome”...’s crazy!!!...I really don’t know what to decide...I wasn’t suppose to think about it now,right??This was suppose to be happen next month or so,right??...I really hate this...

Argh!!!!!I hate this!! I started being talkative again..I hate not just because I’m afraid of acting sissy but it’s just sometimes I might say things hurtful,though not on purpose..I think I’m gonna be quite again,although my friend might think I’m a psycho but at least I won’t say something that I will regret...

I started to feel comfortable... :O....I’m worry that I might get bad again....Well,the decision have been made...I will stay at the hostel for next semester.... “wuppie”..I will pay for the deposit tomorrow....Good news,I’m going back home tomorrow evening...yea!...because my Friday’s class was cancelled... J...I did the acting thing but unfortunately,I didn’t do so well...but luckily our lecturer is nice,so she gave us all a second chance to do better next week..wish me luck!...I was suppose to go home today and come back here tomorrow since 2 of my classes was cancelled too but I was helping my friends with their assignment and then it was raining heavily and I don’t have a transportation... “amazing”..I really can’t wait for tomorrow...