Monday, June 4, 2012


Today,I'll b reviewing about 'Snow White and The Huntsman',I feel excited to watch this movie jut by looking at the cast,which is Kristen Steward,Chalize Theron and Chris Hemsworth,all are amazing actors.When I watch the movie itself,I was like "Wow,this movie is awesome,"I mean,I love the score,I the affects and the story line was well organized.Now lets talk about the characters,Kristen Steward,some people said that she would be like who she is,the girl with not expressions but in this movie,from my opinion,there was a little difference in her acting,she was not entirely expressionless(is it even a word?),so good job Kristen.Charlize Theron,she look very different,I don't know about other people but I never saw her act as an evil character,she was really evil in this movie,a bit scary I think...LOL..but she nailed it.Chris Hemsworth,well,his character is different from Thor but he is tough as he is.One other amazing thing is that the dwarfs   was actually a tall actors but they made them become short,it's amazing...Overall,the movie was great... :)


Yesterday was great!I online at Burger King for about 5 hours,then went out with A and S,ate at a steamboat restaurant,walked around The Curve Mall,argued in the car because we were lost and had a Root Beer Float at A&W and finally headed home.We arrived home at about 1 a.m. I really had fun yesterday,though we were like a nut-case in the car but still,it was great to spent time with them.. J.I’m at work right now.I’ve been thinking about G and me and I think I might not be with her as a couple,maybe as a friend but not as a couple because I know this is my first relationship,so I should take a risk as an experience but I think it’s too risky because I already know who she really is and besides it’s too early for me because I haven’t even really explore the outside world,you I guess I’ll pass but I could be her friend,if that’s ok with her...but if she refuse it(being friends),I’m fine with that... LOL

I didn’t start working an hour early today,I started like usual and baldy is here...You know what,I feel kinda glad that I’m not gonna be together with G as a couple,a friend,maybe...but I do,I do feel that mean I’m cruel??Actually,I don’t really care,you know because that  shows that I don’t have the same feelings as her...and actually,I don’t really know if she really likes me because it could be that she just want to use me...who knows,right??

I text with G yesterday night,well actually she text me first...LOL..and we talked but then we had a small argument about something that she made me promise not to tell anyone..but all I can say is maybe she’s jealous...but the argument didn’t last long because I told her to just close the page(means the  subject)and open a new one.Then,everything went ok...OMG!!I already got my salary..well,actually baldy is going to bank-in the money first,so maybe I could take it tomorrow..Yea!!...Hopefully nothing bad is going to happen,like an argument with baldy or something...BTW,baldy didn’t count the day that I went to Perak for my aunt’s funeral as an unpaid leave... J

5 more days until my birthday!! (6th June)LOL...Remember the Chinese boy that I mentioned before(in 'My Diary 2')???Well,he came again and again I thinking "Who's the guy that look almost the same as this boy?"..but as always,I couldn't remember...My plan for today buy a guitar with S!!!!!A couldn't come because he has something to do... :(.We might also watch a movie,'Snow White and The Huntsman'...LOL...I bought a guitar!! and we (me and S) watched 'Snow White and The Huntsman',that movie is awesome.... :)

I can't wait for Monday because it's my day off and I want to rest the whole day..but maybe I have to go to Burger King to online...BTW,I already accomplished one of my 2012 resolution(I'm not gonna tell you guys,you have to figure out yourself),there actually 19,so 18 more to go and some of it is in the process..LOL

You know what,I don't know what is my sister's problem but to her,every second is so precious so she can't even wait for 5 minutes for us to pick her up.I hate waiting but sometimes I just feel like why not wait for a few minutes,unless I have something to do but she doesn't have to do anything yesterday.She always said that she doesn't want to trouble us,so she just walk back home but I think it's actually she have this kind of disease where every second she spare for waiting is too precious,it's like losing money...LOL..or maybe she hates her job until she can't even stay there for a few minutes after her shift was's so weird,right??I was like "What?".We did argued yesterday but it didn't last long,so we're kinda ok..I guess.. :P..About 2 more hours before I get off work.I can't wait for this day to be over because I'm still worry about the spectacles...:O BTW,G text me yesterday,asked me about my birthday,which is I've told her a lot of times.Then she said we should meet next Monday(not tomorrow).I said why not tomorrow because I'm afraid if it's too late,I might be broke at the time...LOL...but she said if tomorrow,she's not ready...("What?")I told her,it's just a meet,not a job's funny,right??...Well,actually I understand because she has feelings for me,that's why...One other thing,we haven't decide where to meet,too many complication for her...