Sunday, July 21, 2013


Nothing much really happened in my life lately,just that I had fever yesterday,so I didn't go to class but I'm back to college now and tomorrow I'll be going back home again for the weekend...BTW,today something quite amazing happened,you see,my English lecturer asked 2 of us to stand in front of the class every time we have English and we have to speak in English about anything that we want to share,except about our self,our lecturer call it 'the in prompt to  speak' after 2 weeks,today was my turn to speak,yes,I've planned about the topic that I want to talk about(we all did) but I didn't prepare any text or anything since we weren't allowed to do so...well,I got up in front of the class,terribly nervous because I worried that I might bore them...but the thing is,I managed to do it quite okay and my topic was about hope..(I won't write what I said because it's too long and I don't even remember most of it LOL)..I was kinda proud of myself for doing it and my lecturer said that it was,yeah,I did it...but we all have to do it for a few more times about something,that's all for now...I can't wait to go home tomorrow...One other thing that I forgot to tell you all,yesterday,when I was at home having a fever,something happened,something that makes me kinda cheer up a bit..but I won't tell what it is,you have to guess it...but honestly,I was happy to see it....