Sunday, June 18, 2017


Hey guys! What’s up?

First of all I would like to say that I’m so excited that next week is Eid Fitri!


*Running around my room*

So anyway, I feel like I haven’t post anything that is more towards a beneficial topic, previously I just wrote about what I think or what’s going on with my life, which has probably bored you guys.

So this week, I’m back with a new topic.

Signs a guy doesn’t like you, but not necessarily hate....just doesn’t like you or means that they don’t like you more than a friend.

Before I begin, I should tell you that strictly from my personal experience and observation, so it doesn’t mean all guys will act the same or showing the same signs.

Anyway, without wasting any time by letting you read my meaningless sentences, let’s begin with

1.        If the guy doesn’t initiate the conversation.
Girls, if a guy doesn’t text you or call you first and you are the one who have to start the conversation, there’s a high chance that he doesn’t like you. If a guy likes you, he would send you like a good morning text or something.

2.       Related to that, if the guy is not being personal.
When the guy is having a conversation with you and he’s not being personal like, he don’t really talk about his day or he didn’t remember the first time he met you,hmmm...that sounds like he doesn’t like.

3.       If the guy is avoiding you or always says he’s busy.
When you want to meet him or something and keep  on saying he’s busy and he’s not replying to your text or phone calls, that kinda shows that he doesn’t like you. Well, maybe he might really is busy but if he said he’s busy too often, that could be because he doesn’t like because if he does, we would stop what he’s doing and go bungee jumping with you...

I don’t know why I choose bungee jumping.

But yeah, he would want to spend more time with you.

4.       Keeping his distance
I don’t mean avoiding you, it’s more to he’s not touchy with you. If a guy likes you he would want to be close to you, like maybe hug you or put his hand around you or anything in between.  Okay, he might not be touchy with because he’s afraid you might be embarrassed when people labelling you guys as a couple but mostly it’s because he doesn’t like you.

5.       If the guy calls you with masculine names
When the guy calls you bro or dude or any other masculine name, you are definitely in the friend zone. My advice to you, go find another guy.

6.       If he flirts with other girl.
If the guy is talking to you and suddenly he saw another girl passing by and he said ‘Woah, that’s my future wife right there’. That’s definitely means he doesn’t like you. Honestly, if I like a girl, I would give 100% of my attention to her and I’m sure most guys are like that too.

7.       He’s not single.
If the guy is either seeing someone, dating someone or engaged to someone or married to someone, there’s a high chance he doesn’t really like you. Well in my opinion he shouldn’t have because then that means he’s cheating.

Go die or something, cheater!

Now I’m being emotional.

So that’s all for this week. I hope these signs have somehow help clear some things for you, even if just by clearing up your throat....haha...

I’m funny.

*Self five*

So this week, I wanna know if there’s other sign that I’ve missed out? Have you had any experience related to this week topics?

Leave your opinion in the comment below. Share this post if it helps you or you wanna clear things up to someone. And follow BATC for more post.

Love Always,

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