Sunday, July 29, 2012

MY DIARY (119)

Me and my sister are gonna go for shopping tonight,maybe,if everything went well... J..I didn’t write anything yesterday because nothing really happened,quite boring and time moves  pretty slow yesterday...

I had fun shopping yesterday night.. *2 thumbs up*...Arrived home a bit late last night,so I didn’t got a chance to update my blog but maybe i’ll do it tonight because tomorrow is my day off11.. J BTW,funny thing happened,yesterday I bought a black hoodie,I took the size L,usually I take M for hoodie because I’m skinny but yesterday I took L because I thought it would be ok and I didn’t even try it until I went home and it was a bit too big..”genius”,right?..I hope I could exchange it..wish me luck...


Thursday, July 26, 2012

MY DIARY (118)

My plan after quitting this job is to continue my studies or work somewhere else.I was suppose to quit this job,rest for a couple of weeks,start a new job,if I didn't go to college but my sister told me to make sure that there are vacancy for me...but what if there's non?does she want me to stay?I told her the same thing that I told you guys,that I love this job,just that baldy is the problem...I don't know if she really understand my situation..I have to make a decision in 5 days because if I want to quit by end of August,I have to give the resignation letter a month early..but I guess we'll see...What do u think?should I quit or should I stay until I really have a new job or got to college??

Zac Efron won 2 categories in Teen Choice Awards 2012 and I just realize that I'm one of the people who voted for him..I'm so happy that I helped him win..LOL..though I have to admit that I lied about my age when I register to vote... :P...shh..don't tell anyone..LOL..

You know what,there's this girl,she's in my Facebook for quite sometimes now and yesterday she said hi to me on Facebook and she asked me do I remember her...I was kinda confuse and worried because I don't remember her and I told her that.She told me that we were in the same primary school and also high school..but I don't remember her..she knows my full name and that I was a prefect..I asked her whether we were close back then because she said she remember me the first time she saw my picture and she said not really..So,I honestly said that I might not recognized her before and she said I should ask A about her...I was like "Ok" but I apologize to her for a few times and I feel like a total jerk and kinda guilty because she must be so embarrassed because I don't remember her...We talked for a while and all the time we were talking,I was trying to remember who this girl is...I hope A will make me remember...My plan was that I suppose to give baldy my resignation letter this Sunday but the problem is,I don't know if the new place that I want to work has a vacancy or not and I haven't decide what proper reason should I give because I can't just say that I can't stand working with him,it sounds too cruel,though it's the truth...Too little time to do too many things...



I wonder what I did wrong??If,I did something wrong because do you remember M??(in 'My Diary 28')..I haven't been talking to her for a few months now and I feel something was wrong because I didn't see her status update on Facebook for quite a while.At first,I thought maybe she was busy and the other day,I decided to check her profile page but you know what I found?..nothing..I couldn't find her Facebook,she's not in my friend list and she isn't anywhere.Trust me,I looked for her...I don't know if she change her name but in my inbox,her name didn't change...So maybe she close her account or something...but why she didn't tell me??..I wonder what happen to her,is she mad at me?or is she having a problem?I don't know...I just wish she told me..because honestly,I miss talking to her...My other internet friends haven't talk to me and I haven't talk to them yet..maybe their busy or something..Actually,there's only 2 that still talk to me a few months ago,others just keep quite but they're still in my Facebook.The 2 is M and there's another one,N and N is still in my Facebook too...maybe I'll talk to her when I got a chance..

Monday, July 23, 2012

MY DIARY (117)

First day of fasting...If you read 'I'm kinda worry',then you should know my situation now and you should know that I will try to be happy again.. :) ..I break fast at work.I ate 3 chocolate wafer and a mineral water..sad,isn't it??..LOL..Tomorrow will be the same.. *showing my teeth*

Tomorrow would be my day off..yea!!!!..:)..I have finished reading 'Eragon' for the second time and today I brought 'Eldest' with me.. *showing my teeth*



Lately,I've been a bit grumpy,though I try not to but the thing is,I'm worry that it will happen again.I know all of you must be wondering what will happen again.Let me tell you this,it happened about 2 years ago,a few weeks after I dropped off college.It'd all started with me being mad at my sister,but I don't remember why.You see,when I'm mad at someone,I will go to my room,listening to music or just laying while reading books and when I went out of my room,I'm not gonna talk to anyone.This is how I cool down myself.Usually this thing will remain for a day or 2 but the different when it happened 2 years ago,is that I was kinda enjoy it,being isolated.So it last for a couple more days but then it became kinda a part of myself because suddenly I didn't feel like laughing or talking to my family.It continued on for a few more days and later I decided to try to be myself again because being isolated,not enjoying life,that's not me.Yes,I am not very talkative and maybe not very friendly but that's because I'm shy with strangers.For those who knows me,knows how I am.Then,finally a few days after I decided to be myself again,I became myself again...but now,I'm kinda worry that it might happen again but hopefully not and I will try my best to be myself..wish me luck...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

MY DIARY (116)

OMG!I totally forgot,yesterday was actually my 1st anniversary of working here,at this shop.I can't believe I forgot that..."amazing"...BTW,tomorrow would be 1st of Ramadan or we usually call fasting month,where we don't eat or drink from sunrise to sunset everyday for the whole month... :).I know it sounds exhausting but it's to remind us of the time of our prophet Muhammad,where they were at war and they were fasting too.Besides that,it's good for our body because it's kind of a diet too,you know..LOL..and also it will remind us of those who less fortunate and those who starve because there's not enough food and,I'm kinda excited  to start fasting tomorrow.. :) and this would also be my second time fasting in this shop... :P..I'm gonna tell you guys something,something I never told anyone before.Sometimes when I saw a good looking guy,I would feel jealous and then that feelings turn to being angry because I could never be like them and later on,I would feel pathetic of myself for not accepting the fact that I will never be a better looking guy...but the thing is,it will happen again when I see a good looking guy..pretty sad,isn't it??


Friday, July 20, 2012

MY DIARY (115)

43 days left before I leave this place.Honestly,I love this job.This job's great,it's relaxing,not so stressful but the problem is who I'm working with.Baldy,sometimes he's good but sometimes he's such an asshole.So,like I said many times before,I should go before things become worse.I'm afraid I will loose my patience and explode..LOL...I think,it's better this way... :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today,I'll be reviewing the movie 'The Amazing Spider-man'.I should tell you that I watched it in 3D.So what I can say about this movie is...this movie is AMAZING!!LOL...I mean,the 3D effect,the score,the actions,I love the actions.The main point of the story is the same as the previous Spider-man but there were few differences but I shouldn't tell you all because I don't wanna be a spoiler.There were a few people that said Andrew Garfield didn't leave an impact on the movie but for me,he did a good job.though maybe not so huge but I think it was great and Emma Stone really good with the character.The movie is awesome because there was an element of humor,besides for me,this movie is worth to watch :)

MY DIARY (114)

I had fun watching 'The Amazing Spider-man' last Snday..*2 thumbs up*..I did do a lot of things yesterday,just online and watching tv and washing the dishes..but I did online for almost half of the day.. :P *showing my teeth*..I have something to say,if you guys did read my status update on my Facebook and Twitter yesterday,then you might already know about it but if you don't,then I should tell you this...Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker wear the same hoodie as I am! and I wore the hoodie when I watched the movie...I was so surprise,though it's not 100% the same but who cares?.. LOL..It was quite awesome for me to see it...*showing my teeth* *2 thumbs up*

You know what,this Indian guy,he's our delivery guy,he's such a snob and rude.He would throw the paper on the desk in front of me to stamp it and the way talk,is very,very rude..And today,he came and did the same and you know what I did?I just stamp it wherever I want and at the wrong places and he pist-off but I just act like nothing happen.After that,he left.I feel kinda proud of myself..LOL..I know he'll be back to send some stuff and I'll be ready to counter attack him...Remember that I said I did something crazy(in 'My Diary 12')?It was actually I deleted my friends phone number from my's crazy,right??but it's something I have to do because they don't wanna have anything to do with me,so why should I??And don't worry,I'm not regretting it,I'm glad,feel much better...:) I've been thinking about deleting them from my Facebook but it sounds a bit maybe not...but we'll see about it...


Monday, July 16, 2012

MY DIARY (113)

I forgot to tell you that the ceremony went well,though I didn't stay long....Yesterday baldy asked me to bring my scientific calculator because he wants to borrow it and I did brought it with me today but I didn't give to him straight away.I'm waiting for him to awkwardly ask me...LOL..Tomorrow is my day off and I want to rest the whole day because I've done a lot of tiring work almost everyday this week...You know what,sometimes I like to write a quote or saying or a poem about relationship on Facebook and Twitter and I think..but I hope not,that people might think that I'm really in a relationship.I've been saying this quite a lot I think,that I'm not in a relationship,it was just something that I like to write.I'm kinda worry that someone who want to talk to me but refuse because they think I'm with someone...Remember that I said I have a few online friends(in 'My Internet Friends')??Well,I haven't talk to them for a few months I think and they haven't talk to me either.So,I'm worry that they're staying away from me because they think I'm forgetting them and I'm in a relationship with someone..hmmm...but I hope not...He already asked me,though it's wasn't awkward enough..damn!LOL...I have this crazy feelings,maybe because I'm not a good looking guy and often watched how celebrities meet with their fans and signing autographs and stuff..and I'm kinda hope or imagine myself like that,to have that kind of's crazy,right??..but one other problem besides my face,is that I'm not very good in mingling with people..but still,I kinda like it... :P...Had fun tonight watching 'The Amazing Spider-man'...that movie is AMAZING!!!!! *2 thumbs up*


Sunday, July 15, 2012

MY DIARY (112)

As usual,I was busy yesterday,typing but still a lot to key-in..I didn't start working an hour early today...I will continue typing later...I hope I could finish it before wish me luck...I didn't do any typing today.. :P but I will do it tomorrow...

Yesterday I spent the whole day at work typing and I finally finish it..Thank God..Hopefully I wouldn't have to do it again..I'm free right now,baldy went out for lunch..Tomorrow,my family will have a ceremony at my house,we call it 'Tahlil',it's a ceremony where we gather and pray for those who left(in other word,died)and specifically for family members,like my mom,my aunt,my grandparents and few others.The ceremony will be held on the afternoon but sad thing is,I have to go to work because my annual leave aren't much left and I'm saving it for Eid Day and emergency situations...but I will be there on my break tomorrow...

I'm so exhausted because I was cleaning my bedroom,the tv room and the bathroom last nite and now I'm at work...You know one other problem with baldy,it's that the way he talk to me.Maybe he wanted to look tough or strict but then sounded rude...Here's a reminder to everyone,don't act strict without a reason or all the time because people would disrespect you and then annoyed by you..Honestly,I don't respect baldy as I were on my first day because of his jackass attitude..No wonder his previous worker didn't stay long...


Monday, July 9, 2012

MY DIARY (111)

I didn't write anything yesterday because I was busy with the typing thing and today I was busy because we had a lot of customers,crazily a lot and then I continued typing but now I'm free,waiting for my sister or brother to pick me up..Tomorrow is my day off!Yea!!..Nothing much to say because nothing much happen but I still have a lot of records to key-in..ARGH!!!..BTW,I watched 'High School Musical 3' on tv yesterday night!!!  *2 thumbs up* I was so happy.... *showing my teeth*


Saturday, July 7, 2012

MY DIARY (110)

I'm a bit grumpy today,maybe because I feel tired and knowing that I will have to do the typing's not actually because I have to type but it's because of where I do it,you know,I have to do it at baldy's table,like last time,which is sucks because that place is small and a lot of things is on that desk.Baldy will go to his desk for a lot of times,to do this and do that and because of that place is crowded,every time he want to do something,I have to stop typing and move a bit,so it interrupt my work and I couldn't finish it early and I have to drag it for a few days.I don't know why the hell did he moved the desktop to his table because he knew that he will eventually ask me to do some typing's ridiculous...Right now,his sitting at his table,so I couldn't do my work..I prefer the table when I first started typing(in 'My Diary 3')because I could start typing whenever I want and it's more comfortable...I didn't do any typing today because at first,baldy was checking the records for I don't know what,then he asked me if I want to type but I said he should finish checking.So,that's why I didn't do the typing stuff...but maybe I have to do it tomorrow...

I might have to do the typing thing today..had a small argument with baldy.He's like,I don't know,like never give me chance to put on the nylon or nose-pad on a spectacles..well,not really but it's like when a customer came and want to change a nose-pad or put on the nylon,ok,yeah,I admit that it takes me some times to do it but I can do it and I successfully done it before,a lot of times but he'll come to me and take the spectacles and do it himself...what's that?!..The same thing happened today,ok,I did a mistake but I did it because I was doing it too quickly because I don't want him to interrupt it...but lastly,he did it...He asked me to practice using our spectacles but it's not the same,our spectacles are easier than the real thing, the situation is different..baldy  is such a dumb-ass...I did the practice that he asked me,I did it pretty quick..I'm so stressful and pist-off today,besides what happened with baldy,my sister pist me off...You see,this morning,she asked me to take out fish from the freezer but she didn't say what kind of fish and in which container but I saw one type of fish,so I took it out..then later she text me and said I took out the  wrong fish,it was the other one on the other container,a closed container.Ok,maybe it was my mistake for not checking but she should told me what kind of fish,at least I could see the different...Duh!!!...When I went for my break,I didn't say a word to her but later she talk to me a bit and I said back a bit....I did some typing today,still a lot more to go..."great"...this is most "amazing" day...


Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today,I'll be reviewing about 'Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter',this movie is awesome.I like the scores and the was mind-blowing.The actor,Benjamin Walker,who played Abraham Lincoln,he does look like the real Abraham Lincoln,it was amazing.Besides him,there was Dominic Cooper,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Rufus Sewel and a few other familiar faces.All I can say is,this movie is worth watching...


MY DIARY (109)

I had fun yesterday,shopping,ate at Big Apple Donut Cafe and watched 'Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter'..that movie is awesome!!I really had fun yesterday,though a bit tiring but it was great *2 thumbs up*...Now I'm at work,not feeling very well,I think I have a fever.. :(. I text with A tonight and G.I feel kinda tires with her being dramatic about almost everything.Just now,she told me that she's sad because all her friends are accepted to college or university and she feels like there's no reason to live(what the hell was that all about?).I told her that I don't know what else to say and she should just try to find a university or college that are available,I also said that she shouldn't care what people say,we manage our own life..Ok,yeah,I felt almost the same(just that I don't feel my life's useless or something) but what's the point of continuing your study just because your friends are and you stress yourself because you haven't got the chance??it's ridiculous...BTW,it'a her fault for not sending an appeal....

I started work like yesterday...My conversation with A and G was short but I'm glad to have a chat with A :)...I still got a slight of fever,so I feel kinda tired..Baldy asked me to key-in the customers' records again....


Monday, July 2, 2012

MY DIARY (108)

Happy July everyone!!Miss me??..of course you do... *showing my teeth*..Sorry I didn't update my blog for like 3 days..I was so busy.First,I have to write all our customers' purchase of contact lens(which is a lot)and then I have to write the code for each of the spectacles that we have(which is also a lot).So,that's why I didn't write anything on my blog but now I'm free.There are a few things that happened these few days.I had a small argument with baldy(again),Christopher Paolini(which is not really him,maybe his assistant or something)replied my comment and now I'm still waiting for his next reply,I just receive my salary and the major thing that happened was that he(you know who)came and took his spectacles on Friday,before I went for my break :O,I was so nervous,I almost collapse...but I tried to act cool,like nothing is going to know what,he actually change one side of his lens,so the scratches was there way before I clean it.I was so surprised and relief to found out that it's not my wonder baldy was so calm when he looked at the spectacles.He should have told me about it,what an ass...My a month and a half of cautioness are gone :) *2 thumbs up* ..I told my sister about it when I went for my break that day..BTW,baldy gave a raise for my salary :) *showing my teeth* ..Hopefully nothing bad will happen,like arguing with baldy because I want to be happy on my day off tomorrow...