Friday, May 24, 2013


I'm at my hostel right now..("great")..My plan was to go back to my hostel tomorrow,since my exam is on the afternoon but my girl friends asked me to come back today because they said they wanted to study together...but none of them came to meet me though they know that I'm back...and  K apologized to me because her father wanted to meet her tonight,suddenly,because she didn't go back home this week...The thing is,I'm made at them for making me come back here when I should   be at home with my family and my family wouldn't mind if I want to go back to my hostel tomorrow,in the first place...can u imagine how pissed off I am??...but when K asked me if I'm mad(silly question),I said I'm not..WTH?!!!!.....I don't know,maybe because I don't want her to feel   guilty and make her lose her focus on study...but I was suppose to say what I wanted to say,let it out of my chest because I feel mad at them and sad that I'm here when I was to be with my family....

OMG!...Today is the first paper for my final exam and I already made a silly mistake! "amazing"...I hope my grade won't sucks....I haven't tell the truth to my girl friends,I just don't know why but I just couldn't say "yes,I'm mad at you,"...I have to tell you all that maybe some of you might think that I'm acting ridiculous for being mad at them,since that for you,it's just a small matter but for me,it's a huge deal,I don't know if you all realize it but I'm very close with my family,a bit spoiled,that's why I'm mad at them...and maybe some people might say that there's no different between staying at home and staying at my hostel..but actually there is,I'm more comfortable at home than here,in a lot of ways,though I've stayed here for many months...and they took that comfortably by asking me to come back here early to study on my genius was that??(cynically)

Done my second paper..I feel like I did it well but we never know...Tomorrow is my third paper and  also one of the hardest wish me luck...About me and K and my girl friends,we're cool...I said what I wanted to say(most of it) and now everything is fine... :)...Tomorrow after my third paper,I'll be going home..yea!