Monday, October 22, 2012

MY DIARY (155)

OMG!!!!There are 2 things that kinda make me pissed off today.First,my sister,I talked a few words to her and she talked to me a lot.I was like "WTH?I said a few words and you think I will listen to every word you say?" but I didn't say it to her face.I mean,I'm still who I was,I'm still being quite...duh!...Second,is my brother,he asked me to help him do some research for retail.He wanted to open his own shop.And suddenly,he want me to work with him.I know it's a good thing but I don't think I can work with him,I can't barely stay with him for a day and he wants me to work with him?And just now,he insisted that I install What's App on my phone,so that we can communicate easily...WTH!!..I mean,I could help him a bit and I did but I don't think I can work with him...

My computer when crazy this past few days.I don't know what's the problem...but I thinks it's kinda okay now(hopefully),I might online again tonight or tomorrow...

I had fun today,my computer is getting better,so I online for a few hours.I will try to update my blog tomorrow.I did something crazy today,it was raining this afternoon and there wasn't any thunder or lightning,so I decided to let it pour on me...yeah,I was standing in the rain,I twirled and just enjoyed the moment,it was fun,truly...I was very spontaneous ,I rarely did something like family don't know about it(I think) LOL... and right now,I'm watching 'Hairspray' on tv... :)