Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MY DIARY (181)


Sorry for not writing anything these past few days...I wasn’t really busy,just that I don’t know what to write.You all should get use to it because when I’m in college,I might not be able to update it as often as I do now..too bad...I haven’t made any preparation for college,not even start filling up the registration forms but I might do it’s going to be hard for me...BTW,last Saturday,I went to watch ‘The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey’ with A...that movie is awesome!.. J..I’m not gonna write a review about it because there’s nothing to say...A asked me if I’m ready to go to college,I said yes because this is the right time...actually,my sister asked me the same question yesterday and I gave the same answer,though it’s hard,I have to be ready because if I don’t,I might never be