Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hopefully I will get my salary tomorrow because I have a lot of things to do.I want to go to the dentist,to do some checking and fixing teeth but if it's too expensive,then I won't to do it.I have to go to the salon to cut my hair....Once it's been cut,I'll post my picture here or on my Facebook (@Zac Shur'tugal Nazrin) or on my twitter (@zacrin)... :)



I did read a few pages of 'Mansfield Park' yesterday because I was busy cleaning my work place.I spent almost the entire day cleaning...My family and I are planning to go to Cameron Highlands next week...Actually,it's already confirmed,just that we're still searching for a place to stay.. :)

I spent about 3 hours from the time I got off work yesterday until midnight,to find a place to stay in Cameron Highlands..."amazing"...Finally,we found one that suitable for us... :).. I almost explode yesterday because too stress to find a place to stay... :P


Thursday, April 26, 2012


I didn't write anything yesterday because I don't know what to talk about.Nothing special or unusual happened yesterday,just the ordinary except that I didn't go to to work an hour early.I still brought 'Mansfield Park' with me but I haven't read it for about 3 days I think.. :P but I will read it today and I'll make sure I wouldn't fall asleep...LOL..



Yesterday,again,I didn't go for jogging because I slept late,editing my novel and hence,I woke up late.I'm worry that I'm getting lazy.. :O ..Yesterday night,me and my sister were listening to sad instrumental.So I tell her about my novel,especially the sad scenes and then w started talking about all the sad part in all the novels that we read.So,I talked about the ending of 'Inheritance'and when I was talking about it,I realize that my throat was like tighten,I think this is the first time I read something and I feel sad to end it and the feeling affect me even after a week had past....Today,I brought 'Mansfield Park' again but I'm not so sure I'll be reading it or not because the way Jane Austen wrote,is a bit different and a bit confusing ...but I'll try to finish it...


Monday, April 23, 2012


Yesterday,when I was blogging and I was typing the day I last read 'Inheritance',at that time I felt something,something different like I'm missing something,I think but all I know is that it wasn't a pleasant feelings.I guess,'Inheritance Cycle' does leave something in my life...If I say that to my sisters,they would say I'm being overacting,maybe because they don't understand....but you know what,I have a theory,that if you don't share what you feel with other people,the feelings will be stronger and it'll stay longer in your heart.So,I decided not to tell my sisters what I feel,even though it's not a good feeling...but I'll find a way to make me feel better....


Sunday, April 22, 2012


I didn't go for jogging or a walk yesterday I woke up late and I had to go somewhere else with my sister and my dad.So,I skipped jogging..LOL..I also had breakfast and online at McDonald... :).Today,back to work.I will be reading 'Inheritance',about 100++ pages left..maybe I'll finish it today or tomorrow.It's kinda sad,you know because this will be the end of 'Inheritance Cycle',though I still could read it again but it won't feel the same.....I have finish reading 'Inheritance',the last book 'Inheritance Cycle'.. :( It's kinda sad you know,even though compare to my 4 months of time spent on reading the 'Inheritance Cycle' books to 12 years of time the author  spent,is definitely different but I feel the same.It's hard for me to say goodbye to all the characters,just like the author himself because I know all about the characters,of who they are and there's couple of thing that I have in common with Eragon.I know you all might not believe it or think I'm crazy overacting but it's true.So that's why it makes me sad.I've finish reading 'Inheritance Cycle' what???

I'm alone at work right now,just like any other Wednesday(expect last week)...I don't know what to read,so I brought a humor magazine(it's a funny cartoon strips)....I still can't believe that I have finish reading all 4 books of 'Inheritance Cycle'.4 months I've spent reading them but now,it ended... :(.It's bummer but it has to end.Better now than later,when it's harder to let go...Tonight,my sister and I might went out for a movie.We want to watch 'Hunger Games' but if not,if the time is not suitable,we might watch 'Battleship',either one of it....I hope this would distract me from my bad feeling...EPL is almost towards the end and Manchester United is still at no. 1!!!! Hopefully they'll stay at the top and win the prize!!! :) We didn't any watch any movie but instead,we went out for dinner at Subway and I bought a book title 'The Secret:The Magic' by Rhonda Byrne.I don't really know what exactly this book is about but I think it's not a story but more to...I don't know what to say..LOL...but I think it's not a story...

I brought 'The Secret:The Magic' with me today...I read almost 200 pages of it.There are 2 things I want to say about this book.1st,this book is not a story book,it's more about motivation about achieving "magic" in life.2nd,this book is great because it teach you and give you ways to receive magic in life by gratitude.It said here that if you follow what she ask you to do in this book within 28 days,you will receive your "magic" in life..sounds amazing,right??I feel like I wanna do it... :)

You know what,I think I'm not gonna do it because of something complicated,something that I couldn't explain just by writing.This book does open my eyes about being gratitude and I will be more gratitude and find the way to get the "magic" in life but I will do it with my own way,that is,give my prayer to Allah... :) because I know that it is the best way to receive "magic" in life :).I think this is the first time I kinda regret buying book.I'm not saying that this is a bad book,just that it's not a story book,it's a motivation book,which is not my interest and it wasn't really about magic but it's about "magic",which is kinda frustration but it does open my eyes to being gratitude.I think the reason why this thing(buying the wrong book)happened because I was too eager to find something to read,to distract me from feeling sad about 'Inheritance Cycle'.So I end up buying a book that to me is interesting,so I thought.So,today,I bought another humor magazine,while I'm looking for a new or old book to read...After my break,I borrowed my sister's novel 'Mansfield Park' by Jane Austen(LOL)that she bought the same day I bought 'The Secret:The Magic'.I know that it's an unusual thing that a guy would do(reading Jane Austen)but I have to,if not,I don't know what else to read and besides,I could use this novel as a research for my new novel.. :) OMG!!!today is the day 'The Lucky One' hits theater!!!but I'm not so sure if it's already here(in Malaysia)...

I had fun yesterday night.After I got off work,A picked me up with S and we went to ICT and celebrated S's birthday there.We bought cake and KFC.We ate there,we laughed like a drunk person and we took a few pictures(mostly mine)LOL....We stayed until 2 am.It was awesome because we haven't hang out for like 2 or 3 months and I"m not sure when we will hanging out again.. :( but yesterday was great,I haven't had that fun time for a while....I woke up a bit late than usual today... :)..My prediction was correct because 'The Lucky One' is not here in Malaysia yet.. :(.Hopefully it will be here soon..BTW yesterday,when I went out with A and S,I got a chance to put on the style that I wanted to do... :P


Monday, April 16, 2012


I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page close to the end.. :) :(..Right now I'm waiting formy sister to pick me up work and head my cousin's husband's birthday... :) So busy...LOL


Saturday, April 14, 2012


My dad's friend,the one that I thought he died the other day(I mentioned in 'My Diary 51')is actually died today,he had a heart attack I think.So,this morning,my dad went to visit his house.Like the last time I told you,my dad doesn't cry or feeling down,even though this time is for real......It's raining right now but not so heavy,it was before but not anymore but there's still lightning and thunder....I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 677..I'm almost towards the end.The story is in its climax..I'm so nervous and excited.... :)


Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday as always,I jogged for 1.3km and walked for 2.9km.Then,I had a big breakfast and online,took a nap and on late afternoon,me and my family went for a shopping and had dinner outside.It was fun.i bought a shirt that look almost the same as Zac Efron's....LOL..Today,I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 404...

Today,is like the usual but this time baldy isn't going anywhere.Actually,today I should start working like any other day but I want to work an hour early so that I could go home early because tonight we'll have a party for my 2 sisters' and my brother's birthday(their dates are different but in the same week)so that's why I want to go home early...I stopped at page 441.

Yesterday was great.The party went well.I had fun and so as my family.. :) I stopped at page 527..

You know what,before,I thought I should be as nice I could so that people would like me but I was wrong because people still judge u according to how you look despite how nice or kind you are.Maybe I wasn't suppose to be expecting that when I'm being kind,people would accept me because people will still judge you from the way you look not your heart.Sometimes I feel so stupid to think that if you are nice to people,people would be nice to you too.I might as well be evil........but I won't,even though I might not be too nice but I'm not gonna be mean.I don't care if people wouldn't accept me or wouldn't like me because I'm not good looking,as long as I like myself and I'm happy,why should I bother,right??? :) ...I stopped at page 605... :)


Sunday, April 8, 2012


Luckily I went for a movie the other day because A,S and I aren't going out this week because A is a bit busy.Maybe we'll hang out next week..I'm waiting for the clock to strike 9 o'clock,so that I could  go home and enjoying myself because tomorrow is my day off!!!It's raining heavily outside.Hopefully there won't be flood again.I stopped at page 348... :)


Saturday, April 7, 2012

There's new blog in town!

This new blog is by my sister's friend.She made that blog for business,just like what I did before...but she's not selling cloth,she sell Hijab(specifically for Muslim women).It's quite interesting and I like the layout,simple but interesting.To know more,go and visit the blog,Classy Kirana and


Today,I'm gonna review about the movie 'Wrath of The Titans'.Starring Sam Worthington,Liam Neeson,Ralph Fiennes and few others.The story is awesome,well organized and no questioning scenes,you know.The score is amazing but a bit short(the movie) and the last battle,if they could make it longer,I think would be much better.So all and all,that movie is amazing.You guys should go and watch it...


Yesterday I jogged for 1.9km and walked for 2.2km... :) You know what,yesterday there's this girl,she's amazing because she could jogged for a couples of rounds non-stop..I think she's an athlete.......or a robot..LOL.Yesterday,after I had my big breakfast and cooked for lunch,I went for a little shopping and guess what I bought??.....'Inheritance'!The last book in the 'Inheritance Cycle'!I'm excited and nervous to read.This book is bigger than the first 3 books.So long story short,I had a great time yesterday... :).Today I brought 'Inheritance' with me to work and gonna read it...Today,I'm a bit busy,so I don't have a lot of time to read but I stopped for today at page 26...

I'm alone at work right now....Baldy is back....I thought about going to watching a movie tonight but maybe I won't because I think A and S might wanna watch a movie this weekend...but we'll see about it.. :).I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 95... :)

5.4.2012 know what,I did watch a movie yesterday.. :P I went with my sister actually.We watched 'Wrath of The Titans',that movie is amazing!!!!..There's 2 things that makes me happy today but I'm not gonna tell you guys what it is...LOL.. :) I stopped reading at page 144...

Ok,yesterday there weren't just 2 things,it was actually 3 but one was an unhappy thing.The thing is,I was too eager to find out the ending of 'Inheritance',so I read the last page and I found out that the ending was kinda sad("great",right).I didn't write it yesterday because I thought I could pretend that I didn't know what the ending was but I couldn't ,unless I write about it(I hope it works).I stopped at page 209....

Hey,you know what,I just found out that Zac Efron also like to draw and painting.Looks like we have something in common... :)..I stopped reading 'Inheritance' at page 255....


Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm at work right now...I brought 'Eragon' with me today but I won't tell you at what page I stop reading because I did it before with the same book,so it's not important for this time....I jogged yesterday for 1.7km and walked for 2.4km..a progression,right???and BTW,it doesn't hurt so bad like last week... :)

As any other Wednesday since 3 weeks ago,I started work an hour early today but I will go home an hour early too... :)

I'm so mad right now!!Let me tell you what happened.You see,last week,this dispatch guy accidentally sent us the wrong spectacles.So,yesterday the same guy came so I told him that he sent us a wrong spectacles and gave it to him to send back to his company.The stupid thing I did was I didn't ask him to sign anything for proof that he already took it.Today,his company called me and ask if we have that spectacles.So I said I already gave it to their dispatch boy and then they call again and said that they didn't receive anything.So I told them that I already gave it to that asshole dispatch guy and they said they'll check it again.It was suppose to be an easy thing but thanks to that fat ass(because he's fat),freak dispatch guy this thing become a tragedy...I swear to God,if he come here I will be pist at him...God,why this thing happen to me??!!!I'm so stupid fir not asking that fat guy to sign...ARGHH!!!...He came,that fat and baldy were asking him where he sent that glasses?Why his company call us?He said he sent it already..we asked him "Then why your company call us and said they didn't receive it?"Then he said he'll call his company and tell them it's been sent and we also asked him to sign for proof...I was so mad I feel like I want to punch him in the face...I hope this thing will be solve...That company haven't call us since I got back from my break.Maybe they solved it already(I hope).I don't think I could manage to deal with it for another day....

I didn't go to work today because my house was flooded.It started at about 3 am and last until I think 9 am.It was scary but thank God it didn't last long and luckily our house is a double-storey,so we were safe on the second floor...but I had to walk in it to save our shoes.It was gross.Imagine that the water was from the drain and other disgusting places but luckily it was not so high,just level with my knees.So,me and my family had to clean our house.That's why I didn't go to work.After we've finished cleaning,we took a break,ate our lunch and then we went to the Raja Tun Uda Library at Shah Alam because my sister wanted to do some research,while I was online there..LOL.The library is amazing but the books isn't so many and most of it are old ones.It was fun.. :).We bought our food for the entire day today,I mean we bought our meal for breakfast,lunch,tea time and dinner..even though it's exhausting(cleaning house)but it was great..but I hope there wouldn't be any flood...

I'm at work right now.Baldy didn't ask me anything about yesterday.I don't know  if he's mad or maybe he doesn't care but actually I'm glad he's not asking me anything... :) You know what,I think I should stop lying to myself by keep telling that one day I will be a better looking guy because I know and a lot of people know that it's not gonna happen.So,the best thing I could do is make sure that I look clean and maybe more fashionable...agree??..."Amazing" news,I didn't know that today was 'Earth Hour Day' until I heard it on the radio..I wish I could participate but I'm at work :( I think my family didn't know about it either...

Tomorrow is my off day!Yea!..S is here for 2 months(I think)but maybe we might not go out these few days because he didn't say anything about hanging out..but A told me that he want to meet me next week.. :)