Monday, August 27, 2012

MY DIARY (131)

I still think about the way I behaved at my open house,you can say that I'm still frustrated to find out that I still haven't change..BTW,S is leaving tomorrow and I thought I want to ask them out...I already did,actually but there's no confirmation yet...we've planned to meet at McDonald at midnight today.I feel kinda guilty because A and S are going to their relative's house and they must be tired to meet tonight..but we'll see about it..

We went out yesterday night,well midnight more likely..I had fun yesterday talking about ghost stories(real events) and making jokes about a lot of things...though the actually reason I wanted to see them is because I want their opinion about how I'm suppose to change myself but we were sort of distracted because of the stories,so that subject didn't came up but maybe just for a short while...but I don't mind because when I think about it again,this problem is something that I have to deal with by myself..the important thing is,the 3 of us had a wonderful time yesterday.. :) *2 thumbs up*