Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MY DIARY (146)


I was kinda pisted off this morning because I was supposed to watch ‘Stand By Me’ and I woke up at 6 a.m. for it but there were some problem with the cable station,so that movie was cancelled..WTH!!!!!....I don’t know why but problem are kinda scared to say hi to me because they said I look fierce or kinda snob... :O...yeah,maybe I’m not too friendly but once you know me,you’ll see how I really am,though I can’t really classified my characteristic...maybe I’ll ask A and S...

Have you ever feel that you’re interested on something that you never know about before but then you realize that you had a lot of chances to see it but maybe at that time you just didn’t know or not perceive it and now you found out you might not have that chances again???..I don’t know exactly what feeling is it,maybe a mixture of frustration and anger and sadness??maybe...but whatever it is,it sure make you feel like you have a time machine so you could turn back time and take every opportunity you have...but you couldn’t and it sucks...all we can do is hope that we might get another chance somehow...