Saturday, February 25, 2017


Hey guys! It me! <<< typo on purpose

So this week I wanna share about feelings. As you can see there’s an ‘s’ at the end of the word ‘feeling’. Therefore, I’m not gonna write about just 1 feeling because then it’ll be boring and/or I might end up crying and cause the tears to fall on my laptop and into the circuit and ruin everything.

So yeah, I’m just gonna share about feelings in general.

And also because I can’t just write about feelings specifically related to romantic relationship because some people thinks that I won’t understand how it feels like to be in a relationship because I’ve never been in a relationship. Which is completely bulls***. I mean, relationship is based on love and commitment, and that is actually what most people have and deal with, even though they’re not in a relationship. To be honest, #tbh, some people who is not in a relationship can give advises to the people who is in a relationship, because it’s possible that people who is not in a relationship know or understand more or same as those people who’s in a relationship.

Okay, enough with that! Let’s go back to the topic.

Nothing more than feelings...

*I’m singing to Barry Manilow’s song ‘Feeling’* (For those who don’t know)

Feelings, there’s a lot of types of feelings. There’s anger, sad, happy, excited, nervous, fear, daunting (is it a feeling) and etc. Some people believe that we actually feel 1 feeling at a time, you either feel sad or angry, you can never feel both, but I believe we can feel more than 1 feelings at a time, you can feel sad and angry. For example, your annoying little cousin has accidentally ripped out your High School Musical 3: Senior Year novel that you have been keeping in good condition for years. So you are angry at that little monster but at the same time you’re sad because you know that you can never find that novel in bookstore again. And later on, you beat that little brat.

So yeah, it’s possible to feel 2 or 3 feelings at a time. You can even feel happy and angry at the same time but then people will start calling you schizophrenic or crazy.

Another thing that I believe in when talking about feelings and I know I’ve mentioned about this before and I’m pretty sure a lot of you think the same way, is that the more you keep whatever you feel to yourself, the stronger it become. I believe this because I’ve experienced it. Multiple of times.

So, if it’s a good feelings, than it’s okay if you wanna just keep it to yourself because no one is interested to hear about them or you’re worried that people might think you’re crazy or ridiculous, but if it’s not a good one, then try to find a way to let it out and I don’t mean you beat the shit out of someone, but just let it out in a healthy way. If you have someone you can talk to, then talk to them but if you don’t, find another alternative, write it on your Facebook or tweet them or write a blog or call a radio station when they ask you to call to talk about something, any healthy way, so that the feelings won’t get worst.

So that’s pretty much what I wanna share with you guys this week. Hope you enjoy it.

This week I actually wanna ask you guys if you have any suggestion on what I should talk about next week because I don’t have any idea right now, honestly.

So let me know what topic you want me to share next week on the comment section below. 
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Love always,

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Saturday, February 18, 2017


Hey guys! It’s me! Remember me? Miss me?

So this week, as you all can read from the title, I’m gonna talk about books....not boobs, okay? Urghh...

As some of you might already know that I really enjoy reading books, but obviously not all kind of books because I hate text books and I’m not really into those biography thing. Other than that, I’m willing to read.

I know I have written about this but I’m just gonna “replay” for those who don’t know. I only started to be interested in reading novels when I was working at the optometrist a few years ago, I think it was like 6 years ago? So when I was a kid, in school, reading novel was not my thing, my sisters, yes but not me. I was more into comics and short, short stories.

Anyway, before I continue with this topic, I should let you know that I’m posting this not because I want to encourage you to read a book, even though reading books can really help you in a lot of ways, like making your vocabulary much better, fill in your spare time, widen your imagination and a few other things.

The reason I’m posting this is because I wanna share my opinion regarding books and reading and also about my recent participation involving books.

Let me be honest, I didn’t read any books for like months now but not until recently. I am currently reading Ellen Degeneres ‘ book titled ‘Seriously....I’m kidding’. And it’s awesome. I recommend you to read it.

Someone once asked me why I don’t just download e-book or audio book instead of buying physical books. I have never try audio book but I’m planning to. However, I have tried e-book before, but I just don’t really like it. I mean, yes, it’s convenient and you don’t have to carry 500 pages book everywhere and it’s cool that you can turn the pages with your finger tips on the screen of your phone but  one, it will drain your battery. Two, I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right for me. So I prefer physical book.

Okay, my recent participation in an activity involving books is about sharing your favourite books or any books in general to a stranger.  Let me explain how this activity goes. It takes place in Facebook, so you don’t have to go to places and gather around exchanging books, it’s all online....except when you need to send the book, you need to courier it or post it.

This is how it goes, trust me, its fun:
Person A will post a status update about this activity and ask whoever interested to join to leave a comment. You are interested and you commented. Person A will reply by giving you a name and an address for you to send your favourite book or any book (The name and address is real, not fake). And person A will also ask you to post the same status as Person A and giving you his/her name and address. The reason why Person A gave you his/her name is for you to send it to the person who will comment on your status update. And you will also do the same thing Person A did to you. So chain will continue on.

Pretty simple, right?

So, I’ll be sending my favourite book to a stranger tomorrow. I hope he will like it the way I do.

So that’s all for this week.

Before I’ll end this post, I just want to write, READ A BOOK!. J

This week I wanna know what is your favourite book? How many times have you read them? Do you prefer physical books or e-book or audio book?

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Saturday, February 4, 2017


Hey guys! What’s up?

Before I begin this week topic, I should let you that we didn’t go to Port Dickson last weekend because my uncle passed away on the exact same day we were suppose to go. Luckily we haven’t started driving when we got the news. I hope he’s in a better place.

Alright, stop with the sadness.

So this week I’m gonna talk about something that I had never really talks about with everyone. And since this topic has been one of the main subjects of conversation for almost the whole world, so I thought, why not share my opinion about it.

Hint : It’s not about Donald Trump.

Well, not actually my opinion on that exact topic but it’s about something that is related to that matter.

Okay, enough hinting!

So, a few days ago...well, actually a few months ago, someone said something more or less like this, “If you’re being friends with a gay guy, it’s possible that you are too.”

I totally disagree with what he said. However, at that moment I didn’t say anything, I just made like awkward expression and feel annoyed, because I wasn’t finished processing those sentences in my head. Not only after a few days that I finally know what I should’ve respond (typical me).

Honestly I was quite surprised when I heard that. Not just because of what he said but because it came out from a person who’s not straight. I’m not judging or saying that it’s okay if it comes out from a straight person and not if it’s from the LGBT community, but I just thought that they would be more understanding and more supportive that a straight person is accepting and being friends with them. Isn’t that what the LGBT community want? People accepting who they are? I mean, isn’t that what everyone wants?

So yeah, it happened.

So what I should’ve respond is by saying, “Go f*** yourself!”

No, I’m just kidding.

What I should’ve said is that not every friendship will turn out with them being the same person. I mean, if their friends are smoking weed, doesn’t mean they smoke weed too. And if their friends have long hair, doesn’t mean they will have long hair too.

Yes, probably most of the time it happen with all the pier pressure and stuff but not all the time. Not all people will follow what their friends do. Not all people feel the need to be the same as their friends. They might have the same thinking or opinion but that doesn’t mean they have the same attitude or in this case, the same sexual interest.

There are a lot of reasons why someone being friends with the LGBT community, maybe because the LGBT community are nice to that person, or maybe they have been friends since they were kids, or maybe they’re either bloggers or something. So it doesn’t always mean they are in the LGBT community just because their friends are.

I know that probably a lot of people might disagree with me and its okay because you have the right to have your own opinion and I respect that because the reason I’m sharing this is not because I wanna change your perspective, I just want to let you know not everything is black and white. A person being friends with a teacher doesn’t mean he/she is a teacher too. A guy being friends with a gay guy doesn’t mean he’s gay too.

So, to end this week’s topic I just wanted to say to that guy and to everyone whether you’re straight or in the LGBT community, to stop judging people through their friends. Most of the time you might be right but there’s possibility that you might be wrong.

So this week I wanna know what is your opinion about this? Have you faced this kind of situation? If you have, how did you handle it?

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Love Always,

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